I am sooo lucky I have friends who aren't just sooo friendly but also soooo reliable. Hahaha...

Guess how my friend made me happy... ???

Apparently... (read the title)

Tomorrow night, I'll be in CCP to watch the Hairspray Musical!!!


Thanks to Bel and Pay for the free ticket! Oh they were also responsible why I was able to watch "The Dogeaters" for free! Yey!

Nao, I am crossing my fingers for a free tix on Chris Brown and Rihanna Concert! Yay!

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RONeiluke, RN said...

wow! i love musicals but sadly i am not so lucky to watch one for real. yung sa mga movies at tv lang! hehe!

RENT is my fave! bet hairspray's good. the movie version won some tony's :)

Chyng said...

bukas na pala to. si eugene nde naman ni-detail sa blog nia yung play.

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