2009 Starbucks planner

Oh, finally! The yearly planner's already in my hands! My mom got hers I think weeks prior, I got mine just last Sunday while on our way home to Pangasinan.

My mom took the blue one, I got the black. She doesn't want the blue so we exchanged.

Blue is love! Here it is!



The pages are pretty much the same every year. And it doesn't have freebies! I wish they bring the discount coupons back! Right?

It looks like a previous planner, I think 2 years ago??? But it was dark brown. A lot of people say they don't like this year's planner because it's too simple and cheapy but who cares? It's a planner for toot-toot sake!

For me I don't care, it's already like a tradition to get the yearly planner. And like I said it's a planner, who cares how it looks?!

Oh! But the free pen that I got was dysfunctional! It's not working, so I suggest that they should prolly check the pens first before distribution. Eryt?

That's all for nao.

Begin. Grow. Flow.

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Vea said...

Congrats! I got the red one :D Can't wait to start writing on it.

Em Dy said...

Merry Christmas Dak. I can't believe I've known you for a year already!

Ely said...

Merry Christmas Dak!

Chyng said...

Parang mas cute yung blue! We got the red... haaay...

Merry Christmas Dak!!!!

tagabukid said...


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