Get the lower segment...

Of what?!

Examine the neck. Do the fluid wave test.

Those were the three examinations I randomly picked in our practical exam a while ago.

My initial thought when I was instructed by our facilitator to get the child's lower segment was blank. Nothing. I don't know what she meant with get the lower segment.

I skipped and did the neck examination and the fluid wave test first. Then...

Get the lower segment.

I thought I heard it wrong.

Come again?

Get the lower segment.

But it was right. What is the lower segment?

I asked her what "lower segment".

She said

Kahit ano. (Anything)

I didn't get it.

Ok, Kahit ano...

So I thought I should just examine the lower segment of the patient, as in any examination. I took the reflex hammer from the table and tapped the child's knees.

Knee jerk reflexes are +2, meaning normal.

The doctor smirked.


What is the lower segment?!

I was thinking desperately,


Then I finally heard the bell. The bell! My 2 and a half minutes lapsed, went out of the cubicle frustrated.

Nao I am eating it out.

That is the reason why med students are unknowingly gaining so much weight, significantly...

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Chyng said...

Binabasa ko palang natotoxic nako! Well, you deserve that cake!

wanderingcommuter said...

sa mga law student, hindi uso ang cake ang uso beer... hahaha

Anonymous said...

got that too during the pracs.. didn't know what she meant. sabi ko: doctora, examine the lower segment? uhm, motor and sensory tests of the lower exremities?


toinks. grr, labo.

doctora: iha, measurement.


ako: ooh. ok.

doctora: what's the landmark?

ako: Anterior,...uhm, ASIS doctora..

bigla ko nakalimutan. grr.

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