I am conceited? Oh yeah...

These are some rants, hate notes and sarcasms...

Many people don't, can't and wouldn't understand me. I knoe a lot of my readers don't knoe me either. Some things I don't disclose here, I could be weird but I like the way I am.

If you want to be my venting machine, if there even's such a thing... then you can read further... it's just for nao, just for this entry... ROFL. or maybe another... next time. But you will likely know me more just by reading further.

I am no saint.

I don't chase people, that is cos they chase after me. Unless you are God, or my professor for crying out loud, then I will prolly chase after you.

I also don't reject people, I just don't. Did you knoe that I don't reject strangers who want to add me as their friend in Friendster? I knoe, right? Friendster? I simply don't cos it's rude! but I don't add them up either. What I usually do is to collect these buddies, let them wait in the pending list, and it's up to them if they can wait for me to approve their invitation. Which is actually not going to happen. Sometimes, if I think the "stranger" is familiar, likable or hot, or cute, then I message them back to check if I really knoe them and if not then I check their vocab and intellectual capabilities.

How rude could you possibly be?!

I knoe, right?

Enough said. I was just rejected 3 times in a row for the past month! I don't knoe why but I am pretty much sure it's karma, what goes around comes around. And it goes around again, so let's just wait for another round of the vicious cycle.

I also hate waiting. I am impatient. Possibly the most.

Patience is the virtue, Dak.

I knoe! But it's not of my virtues...

I can work a little bit on it but c'mon! I cannot just wait for years for a person to stop treating me like I am the lowest life-form on earth. Duh, I am not a crawler! I have my own time, it's valuable, I cannot just give my time to people who doesn't value my time. Waste your own not mine.

And I hate it when people make an impression of me as being grumpy or grouchy like they knew it for the very first time. Cos I am indeed a bad-ass irritable person. Stick that into your minds, better yet let thyself reminded with a post-it. I think my low threshold for irritation is primarily due to being a practical person, and I sooo hate impractical individuals.

I also don't like my stuff pointed out. I hate dictators. Where is the freedom in this country, right? So stop telling me what to do or when to brush my teeth! I do the pointing, and I act out what I want to showcase. This would primarily be the reason why I hate going to meetings where people distribute the job, with the shortest deadline you can ever imagine.

I embrace deviancies. And I avoid people who don't cos they are usually the ones who treat people very badly. When people laugh at deviants, I don't. They don't deserve it. It's their choice to be different, not ours. So stop stereotyping and treat these individuals like you would treat a normal.

I believe in God, but I don't believe in religion. So stop calling me an aetheist cos it's not an appropriate description for me, better yet check your vocabulary. I've posted a few stories here about my beliefs and spiritual perceptions. I am not lost.

I hate kiss and tell, even in the most simplest ways. Exaggeration intended.  So if you want to be my person, learn how to zip your mouth, shut.

I love discussions and debates but I knoe when and where to stop. All good things must come to an end, right? So I stop when I knoe it's not going anywhere. I would rather walk than talk endlessly; at least in walking for sure I'd be located somewhere in the end. Like I said I am very practical. And also, I am a good listener. That's why I am still and yet again single, for a very long time.

If I report in class or elsewhere, I do my own presentation and research. I can't if others do it for me. I can't rely on other's help in this case. I am sorry but I just can't, it makes matters worse. That's the reason why I am very toxic days prior to the reporting cos I do everything.

I like kissing. Kissing on a first date is okay with me, as long as you have a good hygiene and intact hypoglossal nerves that can bend an apple tree, not just a cherry stalk.

Oh it's so nice doing this kind of post. I knoe, right? Cos I am conceited.

Hmm, let me do an encore... soon.

This was inspired by my friend Cams who described me as being conceited during our Christmas party last Friday. Thanks! It was an eye opener. ROFL.

And also by the people who made my day so dearly for the past days or months or this year. You were an inspiration. Yown!

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Chyng said...

Wow, good points/qualities. The fact that you mentioned these qualities make you so confident of being who you are. What's important naman is you respect yourself + you respect others.

I hate people who can't even admit/accept/consider others' insights about them.

wanderingcommuter said...


clap! clap! clap!

bitch slap sa mga tinamaan! hahaha.

janus said...

woot. ranting about stuff is really easing out tension. im doing the same thing on my blog too! hehe.. but i add humor to it.. same tau dun that we believe in GOD and not the religion. I don't go to church for a year already. uo.. LMAO...

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