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I arrived here in the town of Pozorrubio days ago before Christmas. I was sooo excited, I only stopped once in the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) to order a grande praline mocha. The rest was a 100kph speed of acceleration and exhilaration.

The weather during the long drive was fine, I had to take my wayfarer off fast which made me miss it. Of course I cannot just wear sunglasses in a gloomy and tiring afternoon, I might miss a crossing pedestrian and worse to doze off immediately.

The usual 4-hour travel was reduced to 3 when the brand new Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) was opened to the motorist mid this year. Made time really precious, but please be really careful cos it's deceitful; driving there is so hard and boring especially at night. It's too dark and the sideways are all empty and sad, really boring, you would get my point if you had experienced to do so.

And as we reach closer, I try to lag my lids as they want to close shut, the caffeine stopped kicking. Luckily, Rihanna and Chris Brown made the car like a disco club in no time after jacking my iPod, which made me sing like a mad man trying to wake myself up. It was horrible to drive sleepy, even the excitement was drained away from my body.

Then the music stopped while on Rihanna's "Please don't stop the music".


I took my REMing brother's iPod and set it into shuffle.

Thank God!

First song was "I'm coming out", a retro. O'ryt!

My hometown, despite being unexceptional and not so popular, has its motivation and own way to make me want to go back. I dunno what its secret, but a some kinda force if pulling me back to where I used to belong. My childhood memories linger every time I go to places I've been before, especially during this season wherein it's one of the most glorious past experiences in my childhood that remains intact in my memory centers.

Celebrating Christmas here in the province is like a walk down memory lane. It's been a while since my last Christmas in here. When I entered college, we would always celebrate Christmas in Quezon City and would just go back to Pangasinan to celebrate New Year, so staying in here would just take me a few days and not weeks.

Then I just realized I cannot stand living here again for a very long time. The house is well equipped but it's boring me out; the nights are just too long, the nearest cities are miles away, the civilization is undiscovered. Hahaha... The last one is of course a joke.

I can hear birds twittering, not bloggers who twit. Fireflies are blinding and the silence is deafening.

I got used to the city life. I am used to it and still loving it. Where I can go anywhere not getting bored. It's like everyday is a new day. Wherein the nightime is always from 12-6. Where everything's available and accessible.

You knoe what? After a few days, I got really bored. Seriously... Makes me want to go back to QC which is sooo unlikely to happen, my mom will kill me. That's probably the reason why I want to be a clinician and not a surgeon cos I easily get bored.

Owell, I have 2 weeks in the province. By then, I would probably appreciate the twittering, the fireflies, the silence, the long nights... the life in the province... it's sooo weird!

Let's see... maybe it's not really a bore. I just have to adjust and appreciate the simplicity of my hometown.

Apparently, an old bridge along the "old Kennon road" going to Baguio City. You rarely see this kind of bridge already, wherein vintage balusters were used as railings. Cool huh?

Merry Christmas Earthlings!

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Em Dy said...

Savor your 2 weeks in the province, Dak. You'd miss it once you start going on duty. Merry Christmas!

ur_prince said...

Merry X-mas!

tagabukid said...

once undone it takes a lot of effort to redo...enjoy while it lasts. :D

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Dak!

Sorry I haven't been visiting as often as before. I've turned my blog into a...job! Yup, that's the right word, and it's taking up most of my time.

I haven't spent that long in the province since I was a kid. When you think about it, it seems like a great idea to spend two weeks away from the city. However, you're right, it gets kinda boring after a while.

Merry Christmas again. And Happy New Year too!

lucas said... i miss the rural life...i mean i'm here in laguna but it's urbanized already...ahehe...

it's always nice to go back to the place where we grew up. makes us remember the joys of our youth in this busy world.. :)

happy new year!

ced said...

happy new year dak!
make diana ross proud! hehehe.

uwian mo ko ha.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Dak!

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