Wishlist 2008

Wah! Hello December! Last week, I was able to jog around the campus twice in a row. And it's already very Christmassy and bright inside the entire Univ. However, the tree is unremarkable, I dunno tho if that was it or it's not yet totally done. Do you guys already experience the difficulty in getting up from your beds early in the morning cos it's too cold, it feels so good behind those blankets? Owell! It's just a few days before Christmas so I'd better do this wishlist so that you can prep these for me. ROFL.

  • Lancome, Miracle for Men
  • Miracle Cologne by Lancome for Men 

    It's love at first smell. Yikes! I am not very particular to the perfumes that I wear, cos I knoe everything smell good on me. It must be my sweat. ROFL. But this is really good, I swear to all the whores along Q.ave. But I knoe! It's expensive, so Nautica Blue will do. Hahaha.
  • The 4 Stephenie Meyer's novels
  • c20585 

    I never watched the first movie cos I haven't read the book yet. This coming Christmas break, I intend to respite from traveling cos I've done a lot of flying and moving this year. So, it's time to read... not med books of course, the fictionals that I missed especially the last HP book and some more books unfinished.
  • Shades
  • 800px-RayBanWayfarer800px-RayBanAviator 

    There are only 2 shades that I really want to get before the year ends. The Wayfarer and the Aviator. I actually have the latter that fits perfectly on me but unfortunately I lost it. I think I left it in the car and never saw it again. And it sucks cos it's the vintage type.
  • A cardigan
    I think and hope my mom will give me this one. Cos everytime I talk to her over the phone, she keeps on telling me that she's been into this shop to another looking for a cardigan. Cos I've been telling her that I am looking for one.

What?! Guess in Baguio doesn't have cardigans? Whoa!

  • Battery charger for AA
    This one I listed in our kris kringle wishlist with friends. I already have one but it's not flexible or I dunno what's the term... anyhow, it's not ideal for traveling. Cos it's the one fixed to 110 volts. I knoe right? I want something flexible...
  • "Baby" Barbara Bate's Guide to Physical Examination
  • image 

    Gawd! this is an expensive "Baby" book that I lost. Cos I lost the colored version. It comes in 2 versions in the market; the black and white recopy and the colored shiny paper. I just woke up all of a sudden looking for this book not in my bookshelf.
  • Analogue watch
    Apparently, I'll be a medical clerk next year and watches are must haves. Of course we need to be always on time. But why specifically analogue? It's easier to check the vital signs of the patients like the pulse and respiratory rate using an analogue watch. I am not really a watch person but since it's a thing that doctors in the wards should have, then I should start investing on it.
  • Ipod classic
    I was thinking maybe I can let my very old, first generation Ipod shuffle to retire. Since it's memory is only 512MB, the sound quality also is really far lower than the newer Ipods. Seriously...

There you go! Ahm, those are just the things I can think for nao...

What do you guys want this Christmas?

I am just curious... but I am not your Santa Clause...

Oops! Forgot! Of course I am wishing for Peace on Earth! Hahaha...

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my-so-called-Quest said...

ang dami namang nakalist! haha
i know someone selling baby bates though. heheh

at habol pa ang world peace!

Chyng said...

Andameng wayfarer sa multiply!

tagabukid said...

nasa gift-giving mood ka ba? sabihin mo lang at makapag-abot sa yo ng haba-haba (di ballpen ha) na listahan :D but since you are not inclined wearing santa's bonnet this time, so i guess i'd rather keep the list to myself na lang until someone gliding on a silver sleigh comes along...

"I swear to all the whores along Q.ave."...classic! hehe

my-so-called-Quest said...

sabi nga pla ng prof ko!

master bates!


master bates! lol

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