Am I in Forks?

Not in Forks guys!

Chilly and Murky. Zero visibility. Risky. Awesome.

It's just in Tagaytay.

Yesterday after my last exam that was Pediatrics, I went up to Tagaytay with Kuya Jordan and Kuya Joms, not minding the possibility of an important school activity after... Call it an adventure of spontaneous fellas, tripped all around Tagaytay, hopped from one place to another to either eat, sip, or get amazed while on Kuya Jordan's shuffled playlist. O yeah, even Sharon Cuneta joined our midweek escapade singing Bituing Walang Ningning. C'mon!

Thanks Kuya Jordan for the safe ride, for the abundant pasalubongs, for the food (everything's thumbs up), for some weird stories, for sharing your sophistication and sentiments. Keep your health in good condition, aryt? Your mom needs you despite... you knoe... I knoe you get it.

Thanks Kuya Joms for the location orientation, geographical familiarization,  especially for  unfolding some of your paranormal experiences, for sharing your insights, worldliness and creativity. Drop by the Day-by-Day Ministries if you have the time, aryt? It was nice meeting you for the first time, btw. You're a great company.

Oh and this day marks the beginning of the 4th shift! Wow. What a great start, a quiz in Neurology. Woot woot!

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Mugen said...

I enjoyed your company too. The first time Kuya Jordan and I had that trip, it was memorable. What more when you joined us yesterday. Looking forward to see you soon!

Hiramin ko pala yang picture na yan ha. Kinunan mo pala ako ng litrato habang may kinukunan ako.

tagabukid said...

shooting the shooter? okies tripping a. at talagang kasa si sharon ha? wag mong apihin yon fave ni mama si ate shawie :D

lucas said...

say hi to Bella for me :) hehehe! magkakilala pala kayo ni mugen! cool!

goodluck on your neuro quiz! got to study the nerves...hehe!

my-so-called-Quest said...

pasalubong ko?
kaya pala hindi online. nagagala. hehehe

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