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image Howkay, ever since I entered med school, I quitted doing the regular Starbucks visit to study. That is due to a lot of reasons that I've mentioned before, not worth mentioning again.

But I found another decent branch of Starbucks that I fancy, and been fancying for the past few weeks (since it is exam week, e?). It is located somewhere near the Philippine Heart Center area. I don't know what street it is located but it's a street that connects Kalayaan road and East avenue. Not V.Luna, cos I knoe V.Luna street so well. Anyway, it's a 5-min drive from home sweet home, and traversing the Kalayaan road is a breeze, I never experienced traffic in that area ever. The Parking space is not a big problem, and it has less visits from party people and so majority of their costumers are equally considerate students who study meticulously and silently; they knoe how to shut their mouth up while studying. Kewl huh?

Last Friday, I went to meet old MedTech internship friends in Techno Hub near UP Diliman. I was new to the place. It's not yet fully developed but it's an Ayala project so I suppose it will be a huge hit soon. So anyway, I told you that I fancy this Starbucks store a lot, so that after the meeting I dropped by and ordered Chamomile tea to relax me before finally hitting the bed. Wow. I knoe right? I am that obsessed with that store. Hahaha.

Nao, I just got back home from there. The original plan was to go home until the store closes at 2:30 but I was too tired, wasn't able to do so.


Owell, since this is a Starbucks-related post, lemme add the following stuff.

Facts you must knoe: A trivia, just so you knoe tips and additional infos on how to customize your drink especially to Mocha fans out there. (These are only based on experience and personal knowledge)


  1. Missing the Praline Mocha? The closest thing to it is to add Hazelnut syrup (plus 20 bucks) to a regular order of Mocha. That's what I usually order upon learning it from a barista friend. Thanks Jelai!
  2. Hot or Warm Mocha drink lovers, you must stir your drink before you start sipping. Cos it's topped with a cream. The cream mixed with the choco-coffee is an indulgence.
  3. And, drink it with regular intervals of stirring cos the choco syrup usually settles at the bottom of your cup. So take off those lids, and enjoy.
  4. Want to lessen the calories? The most common is to cancel the whip. Yes, tell them "no whip". It adds fulfillment but it can also add weight excessively. I swear. And what I usually do is I ask the barista to replace the regular milk to soya milk. Or if not available, you can instead ask them to use non-fat milk. But the problem with non-fat milk is that it's not as yummy as the regular kind, so my mom told me to tell the barista to use 2%. What the hell is 2%? You ask. It's 50% full cream (or the regular) and 50% non-fat milk. Don't ask why it's 2% if it's actually 50%, I really don't knoe.
  5. Sweetening with less calories? Ask for an artificial sweetener (Free!!!). Don't go for Equal. Ask for Splenda. Equal is aspartame-based and it's not stable in heat, so mixing it with your hot drink will just destroy it and end up adding some more. Splenda is sucrose-based and is heat-stable which is why it's popular among bakers.
  6. Problem of drinking too hot coffees? You can ask them to just make it "warm". It makes sense, right?
  7. I love the coffee jelly and they're great if added with iced coffees (for me, not with the ice-blended) especially in Caramel Machiatto. Oh, and don't forget to ask for the special straw.
  8. Want to drink but needs to sleep immediately after? Go for decaf. All coffee based beverages are available in decaf. Or better yet, order a chamomile tea which induces relaxation and good night sleep.

Pictures taken from HERE and HERE.

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lucas said...

wow...thanks for the info on coffee..hehe! so taga-QC pala. i was born V Luna Hospital..hehe!

just finished watching juno. it's simply beautiful :)

Toilet Thoughts said...

Adik! Adik! hehe.

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