An emergency to Greenbelt

The urge to be out yesterday brought me and my high school friends to Greenbelt. The late invitation from a friend got me dressed up in no time and rushed out of the house like a mad man. The initial idea was just to watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" but since it was a night out and the ticket that we got was timed at 11:45pm (LFS), a dinner date with friends would also be a great thing to do.

I stepped in GB5 for the first time last night. Woot woot! I didn't kiss the ground tho. ROFL. It's still under construction but some areas are already open to food trippers and shopping-spree-ers. I like the interior of the mall a lot. The ceiling's too high like in a cathedral, shops are spacious, lights are wonderfully located and the furnishing's both sassy and classy.

Majority of the shops yesterday were on sale! The thing is, everything's sky's the limit as in Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, and the like. As a still dependent adult like me, shopping in those kind of shops even if they're on sale is only possible with the company of dad and mom. So, we just wandered a bit inside the mall and decided to eat at John & Yoko.

John and Yoko was suggested by my friend-roommate James who frequents the restaurant. He warned me that it's always full and the line for reservation is long. However since we arrived late, queuing didn't bothered us that much and we found a perfect table for 3.

I probably should not elaborate further on how they got the idea of the resto's name. It's a Japanese resto with a twist, like a modern Japanese experimento or something. They serve pizzas, salads, and iced teas and vodkas in 3 different colors yet you can still order katsudon, makis, sushis, and enjoy their complimentary hot tea like in a traditional Japanese resto. It's really so John and Yoko mixed together. Did you get the point? Japanese cuisines mixed with Eastern dishes. Oh, and not just the dishes but also the interiors.

Jerome's checking the interiors. Isn't it kewl?!

Me and my friends never anticipated the abundance of the servings.  We ordered Shrimp & Enoki pizza in 8 slices that was suggested by London (the waitress' name) which was oh-so-yummy it tastes so Oriental with a tinge of Hawaiian. I ordered New York Fried Maki cos I loved it since I tasted such kind in a sushi bar in Cleveland. It consists of 6 makis per order, taste good but not as good as the one I tried before. Katsudon was suggested for us to have a rice meal, and the serving is oh so huge, we never imagined finishing it. Probably cos it's just so scrumptious. Seafood Yakisoba however was not as exceptional as other yakisobas served in other restos.

Lauren enjoyed the food served, she said she'll be coming back and try the others.

For the drinks, I just asked for water and their complimentary tea that smells like vanilla or something, I really don't knoe what it was but the tea has this amazing and unique aroma. However, Lauren kept on checking the heavy menu (as in literally heavy) and saw the colorful vodkas and iced teas, so the 3 of us tried it.

Green, Blue and Red iced tea. And a pot of hot tea.

The concept of the resto is uber nice, and it suits our native tongue. I think that is because the house chef is Filipino. The problem is, it's located into a classy place and it's too pricey. What we ordered alone spent us 500 bucks each. Another problem is the service. Very poor. Our iced teas reached the bottom and I probably have asked them to give us water thrice, hot tea twice, sugar thrice, utensils thrice. What kind of service is that?! And they charge you 8% of your total bill for their service! Not fair.

Shrimp & Enoki, Seafood Yakisoba, New York Fried Maki and Katsudon. (the pics look kinda boring... sorry, i just took these via my phone.)

After a 2-hour of satisfactory meal, we headed to GB3 to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The movie is not old but it depicts past events which caught much of my attention. I have this thing with old movies, especially the black & white kind so for me it was very interesting. It was well created, especially on how they showed the old New Orleans, Paris and Manhattan, I was dragged away. The acting was exceptional especially of Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. The story made me believe such case can happen however as Benjamin gets younger, I was disappointed cos I wasn't expecting it to end like it. It was weird. He shrinked and became a baby which is too impossible. What I was expecting was that the big character portrayed by Brad Pitt will be the same until the end, it's just that he would act abnormally like a child or a kid, would suck his thumb, crawl and cannot walk, look young like a baby and not to become a baby per se.

But I did enjoy the movie. I like how practical Benjamin is despite still being that romantic, and doing a lot of exceptionalities. I think those attitudes or perspectives is very hard to reconcile and adjoin.

DSC00394The movie ended at around 2:30am. The funny thing was, we got lost as we were heading to the parking lot. Everything's already closed and dark. You knoe how big Greenbelt is, right? We parked at GB1 cos  we had no choice. We asked every guard that we met but some just gave us vague directions. Until finally, a generous guard (forgot to ask his name) led us to the right way. It took us 30 minutes just to get back to the car. I knoe, right? And what made it more shitty is that the parking costs us 120bucks! As explained by the cashier, beyond 3AM they charge an additional 45 bucks. It sucks cos when I checked the receipt, our time out was 3:03. No grace period! Owell. It was bullshitty. Really. And to think, it's their idea to put up a show that ends at 2:30 in the morning.

Note to Greenbelt: I was disappointed. Like it was our fault! You guys know that there is a movie that uniquely ends at 2:30AM. Isn't it an exception? Charging us an extra 45 pesos cos it took us 30 minutes to maze around the mall? Why not put directions back to the parking lots then when all the other ways are already closed? Besides, why close these ways to the parking lots so early when you knoe that people are still parked in there? And puhleez, hire more competent guards who have sense of directions. I am not a regular visitor of your mall, I know how to get back to your parking lots but in cases like what happened to us, it might as well happen to others, and it really sucked. We even met Koreans who we think were also lost cos they asked the guards. You wasted our time and money.

That's all.

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lucas said...

interesting :) the interior looks like from a bar. and since i love pizza, i think i;m gonna check this out.

thanks, doc.

enegue said...

hey dak. it was a pleasant surprise bumping into you at greenbelt that night.

tagabukid said...

the resto wasn't open yet the last i was in g5 monthsss ago hehe. or we were just in frenzy over cibo's pizza.

wanderingcommuter said...

how the price? matapos kasi ang steak house experience ko sa MOA. first thing i consider na is the price eh then the food...

Vea said...

i havent been to greenbelt in a while but i liked the interiors of greenbelt 5 as well. wish i had all the moolah in the world to go shopping like crazy there. glad you enjoyed your night out,though. you deserve it. :D

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