Lucky day

Oh, this is probably my year... Cos it is the year of the Ox! Right? or maybe it's just my day yesterday.

What's the catch?

I was... or let me say... "we" were spared from reporting in Urology class. The report was supposed to be all about Prostate. That's it! Prostate... All about prostate from it's anatomical and physiological standpoint and it's major congenital, infectious and neoplastic anomalies. It wasn't a hard topic to discuss in front of the class and to "him" but then I wasn't in the mood and I was not that prepared for we also had an exam in Family Medicine.

We were spared! Woohoo!

As in he totally just asked for our written report and the soft copy of our presentation! Sooo uber cool! That's because of "this" doctor who loves to give lectures, so the reporting became a group lecture. Hahaha...

Nao, got to love the prostate.

I knoe, right? It wasn't all about the sparing from the prostate thingie... There's something more.

Second lucky moment yday?

I won the poker game last night! Since today is St. Tomas day, we took the opportunity to spend the eve carefree, and poker it was! T'was my first ever poker game, I was the beginner in the group and my insanity struck me so hard, it made me enter the shorthand game (Hahaha, nao I am learning the terms e?). Howkay we started playing at around 5:30 after class, I was just initially watching and dealing the practice game (no buy-ins yet). Then I got curious that I was forced to join the shorthand game with a buy-in of 50bucks. A little big e? The fact that I am broke, just got 500 remaining bucks in my KC wallet for the rest of this week, I gave my fate in cos if I get the pot, then that's an extra money to be enjoyed. By 12MN, it was just me and my roommate, I as the chip leader... face to face with him with a big blind of 400. In no time, all the chips are mine. Hahaha...

Rocket Pocket! Woot woot!

Alas! Beginner's luck! Or maybe because they really just can't read my poker face...

Who's winning? Hahaha... Yabangan....

More of last night's poker game pics in HERE!

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tagabukid said...

balato naman jan...:D

lucas said...

just moments ago i have learned that too much masturbation causes prostate CA. is this true???

Chyng said...

Nadistract ako ng comment ni Luccas.. Sige hintayin ko sagot.. :D

dak said...

I already answered Lucas' Q in his blog but since Chyng is waiting also for an answer, then here's my idea about it.

I've never read an article, literature or any study regarding a direct relationship of masturbation to prostate CA, so it's unlikely related. If you have a first degree relative who had or have prostate CA, then your risk of having the CA is high. Besides, masturbation is pretty much the same as having sex, right? the only diff is just that you're doing it alone... So if masturbation or simple sex can lead to prostate CA, then all the men would have prostate CA.

So don't worry, masturbation will not give you the big and dreaded CA. I think...

Not convinced? Owell... will probably do a study on it's relationship... Hahaha... Kid!

dak said...

BTW Lucas, where did you get that information?

There are controversial studies about the risk like vasectomy and obesity. But nothing I have read about over sex or masturbation.

The known risks are old age... (Increasing age increases the risk as well) as well as positive family history.

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