As everyone's making their resolutions, goals and looking-forwards this 2009. I am making a prediction. I am no-Nostradamus but I will make a prediction cos I want to do so.


But first of all, let me just clear and reveal something... I have told a few about my recent allergic attack. And yes, as you can see, I am still alive and writing this blog. I didn't have an anaphylatic shock that even led to death or anything serious. 2008 is not my choice of death year my dear friends.

Sorry if I blamed the shrimps or the scrumptious Siomai my Tita heartily created with my helping hands; it wasn't due to the shrimps in the Siomai.

Here's the story...

During the new year's eve, I had an urticaria attack. For those who doesn't knoe what an urticaria is, don't google it out. Urticaria or also known as hives are red, itchy and raised skin rashes that's usually caused by an allergic reaction. In short, allergy. I had an allergy. An allergic attack! I thought it was due to the shrimps added in the Siomai that was served, so up until yday, no siomai for me.

But I wasn't allergic to shrimps before...

Oh... My body probably just got sensitive to shrimps. Just nao! Right... Hahaha... Kewl!

Anti-histamine saved my life. If I got my analysis right... Not that it stopped from progressing into an anaphylaxis but it saved me from the itchiness and the redness, so I had a goodnight sleep.

But then, I again noticed and experienced another attack just last night, when we finally arrived here in Quezon City. I felt hot and had to turn on the AC as I entered my room, then after a few minutes in bed so tired cos I had to drive, I again felt the familiar kind of itchiness all over my body. When I looked at myself in the mirror, oh gawd I was soooo red, pouty lips and puffy lids like Kermit. I immediately took loratadine, the same thing that I took during the previous attack.

Howkay, so in conclusion, it wasn't a food allergy. Thank God! The shrimp is not the culprit! Yes! So another differential?

Cold hives...

Then I remembered, I was brought to a doctor when I was still a kid and he gave me a shot. Mom told me it was an epi-shot, for my hives... That makes sense, I had a previous attack. That supports more of my new differential then! Hahaha...

So... I have cold hives... that explains my love with the sun. Not!

Okay, back into making predictions...

I am not going to predict celebrities neither politicians cos they're overrated besides, I don't watch TV. I even forgot how to turn a TV on.

So who am I gonna predict his/her future?


Call me conceited. Yes I am!

This year, I see a bright future, I see red and roses, shimmering, glimmering... I see love and sparks. I feel butterflies in my stomach. Hahaha...

I think I am going to fall in love this year! Nyek!

It's been a while since the last time, you knoe! And entering into a relationship is a no joke. Been there, done that. Don't start to nag. And loving needs time and space and calories. It consumes a lot of tank of gas. It drains the whole body, that in the end of the day, you'll end up prostrated.

So what's so good about loving then? Everyone keeps talking about it, relationships blah blah blah. It's like the biggest and the oldest fad ever. People brag that they have boyfriends, and girlfriends then end up cursing them cos according to them they don't fit together. What the heck?!

Weird, right?

According to Florentino Ariza's godfather, the symptoms of love were the same as those of cholera. So loving is choleric. How weird! Who would want to fall in love then? Ew. I am in love but I am defecating rice watery stool?! Ew. So I still have to to figure that one out... maybe when I'm finally over with the book.

How come loving is like an old epidemic?

But what I miss are the cuddling, stolen moments, dreaming about you, nothing ever seems to matter just you and me, each and everyday walk together, quality times, sneaking and lying as if loving is a crime...

Divine providence? Petting? Hahaha...

Dak, Tigang ka lang!

Of course not! Define Tigang! Hahaha...

Let's see, I might ingest something Vibrio-infected this year, right?

But anyway, I think this year is LOVE. Owell, a lot of things happen in the wards, not only is Seattle Grace.


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Jeff Caseja said...
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lucas said...

gosh... this reminded of my allergies a few months back...the feeling was really horrible..hays... glad you;re fine..antihistamines saved me too. but until now the cause of my allergy is still unknown...

ganun? symptoms ng cholera? have you read the book "LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA?"

nakakamiss ngang ma-inlove T_T

tagabukid said...

me allergy ka ba o delirious? or both? :D

Chyng said...

thank God wala ako allergies! i love shrimps!

and nice predictions ah, masrap maexperience ang mainlove, at magcurse! hahah

(thanks sa diet tip, i like it!)

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha, is alang ibig sabihin niyan. isa kang sakiting bata. nyahaha

ced said...

o musta na?
alam ko kung san ka pa allergic? hehe

teka, libre pa naman sana kita ng siomai! hehe

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