Howkay, my blog needs repairing and overhauling. It's kinda distorted in some browsers and I am already bored looking at it.

I'll be shutting it down for a while, will werk on it maybe this coming weekend... and will resume regular viewing next week with a new look. Aryt?

New year = new look. Kewl!

I dunno how long it will take me to finish the makeover but I'm trying to learn HTML, so let's just wait and see.

I knoe right?

I hope I get it right, everything okay and end up nicely.

Any tips? suggestions? or maybe a generous web creator out there can send me a free personalized template. Hahaha...

Au revoir!

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Em Dy said...

See you in the blogosphere soon, Dak!

Jun said...

ooh, new look eh? can't wait!

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