No pets allowed?!

Just when I decided to finally get a puppy, something's pulling it back.

I realized that it's a healthy option to take a pup as a pet cos it's a little high-maintenance. Little? Okay, dog pets are meant to  be highly maintained.

dak with mojo 
I look so qualified as a dog owner, right?

Did you get my point? I bet not. Cos I think my justification was rubbish and garble.

Howkay. Dogs need special treatments. They need extra time, effort, care and love. I think that being able to take good care of a dog or any pet for that matter means that one is already ready to take good care of another person, handle a relationship well and deal with certain emotional difficulties.

Being compassionate is a characteristic that every physician should posses. Once we are in the ward, we don't just take the patients' HPI and PE and treat their diseases, but we dig deep further into their lives creating this certain patient-doctor relationship which I cannot  further elucidate. What complicates the counter-transference more is the fact that in the institution where I currently belong, a lot of these patients are incapable of getting adequate treatments for their ailments due to financial constraints. It is a sad reality. Noh? So money is always an issue.

Everytime I am caught in this situation (financial ranting and on how they cannot afford the treatment), I start to become quiet or I tend to stutter a lot cos I don't knoe what to do, say or simply to react. I feel very incompetent when I face this kind of situation during a patient interview. In other words, I am so bad when it comes to making an emotional patient feel good and comfortable.

That's the reason why I think a dog can help me prepare and enhance my sensitivity and caring capabilities especially to my patients cos doctors don't just treat patients' diseases; doctors should treat patients as a whole.

I had detachment issues before that were disclosed in previous entries in this blog and it made me realize how painful it was to lose someone when we are too much attached. That led me to practice detachment. And as time goes by, slowly I progressed into becoming a stone-hearted person. I care less to people, I became numb.

So technically, it's not all about detachment. It was a wrong choice. I was deeply in pain so I think that the best shot that I can do during those times was to shy away from my emotion to keep me stable and pain-free which is more or less the most practical approach. Although now, I am very much aware that there should be a balance between detachment and attachment. Apparently, extremes ejusdem generis is unhealthy. Too much of attachment can lead to pain while too much of detachment can lead to numbness. And both of which are symptomatology of an underlying disorder.

So nao, I need to transcend. I need a cure. I want my symptom to go away. I dowana be numb. That's why I need a dog.

But the apartment doesn't allow any pets that woof or may cause disturbances among the tenants.

Hmmm... And I dowana get a fish either.

So, what to do? what to do? I dunno... I'll figure it out soon.

The Biatch & My Thought Processes

As everyone's watching the Oscars desperately crossing their fingers to their individual choices, I am ranting about last night's incident where I almost raised my mid-finger, cracked her bone into two then break them more into pieces and reverberated the following 4 words...

Get over it, biatch!

Okay, that was an exaggeration. I cannot do such thing. I can pretty much control my anger and can still manage to initiate the count-to-10 or sing-ABC maneuver.

It happened in my asylum. In the turf where people of rank and breeding practically hang-out to study and talk.

Then all of a sudden, an old matrona-looking lady (let's call her Biatch) came over, sat right at my dorsum, then started talking and laughing so loudly accompanied by her equally noisy antique herd.

People in the room other than their group stared at each other as if an intruder interrupted a social gathering. There was a sudden pause, a 3-second erring silence.

Then there they went again... Talking... Blah blah blahs... As if nothing happened.

My Neurons: Would you stop talking so loudly?

Biatch: This is a coffee shop. This is a public place. We can do anything we want as customers. *and more blah blah blahs...

My Neurons: I knoe right? But please, can't you see? Do you mind to be a little considerate and act in a more toned demeanor?

Biatch: I do mind. This is a coffee shop. This is a public place. We can do anything we want as customers.

My Neurons: Would you just shut up and stop reverberating that statement for like a hundred million times?

Biatch: Blah blah blah... Hahaha Hahaha... Blah blah blah...

My Neurons: Just so you knoe, it's sooo apparent that it's just you and your matrona friends who keeps this previously peaceful room so rowdy. Everyone's either studying or discreetly talking. Be more considerate please.

Biatch: Hahaha Hahaha... Blah blah blah... Hahaha Hahaha...

My Neurons: B*tch!

You are sooo lucky, I didn't take a picture of you. BS!


My cousin staggered us all. We've never seen each other for just like a few months and nao...

Barbara Salvador 
Barbara Salvador
Candidate No.23

I thought Tito Raul (her dad) was joking. Cos he's like asking for our support. I am not so sure but there was a mention regarding SMS votes. I'll let you guys knoe.

I hope she wins. Let's wish my cousin Good Luck!

Against Medical Advice

by my favorite author, James Patterson.

james patterson against medical advice 

Gawd! I was in awe when I saw this book yesterday at PowerBooks Trinoma. The book is about a boy who struggled with Tourette's Syndrome. I wanted to buy it but...

Miss, do you have the pocketbook version?

None sir, that's the only thing we have.

It is expensive knowing that it really has a pocketbook version which would only cost me 400bucks.

So while waiting for my friend...


Meet me here at Powerbooks near Zara.

I started reading...

Feel this...

Feel this... Can you feel this?
My heart beating out of my chest...
Feel this... Can you feel this?
Salvation under my breath...


Right... I can already feel the hot summer breeze! I can already smell the cool island scent... I can already hear the wheeze of the ocean...

One month from nao before finally hitting the wards, I will be in our country's and one of the world's finest palm-studded tropical island with white, talcum-fine beach, balmy weather, and warm, crystalline waters... It will be Nirvana!

Can't wait!

Photo source in HERE!

Vday 09

Could mean either Valentine's day or Vajayjay day. Either one makes sense. And you knoe why.

The original plan to ask a prospect out was nullified by a reasonable alibi. Family coming over, upcoming exam and prostration. The supposed to be tryst became a chit-chat, compensated by a long talk over the CP. I understood.

Since mom, dad and siblings also came over very early today, I agreed to become a chaperone, of either my mom or dad in their V-date. Their date is not the usual date-date instead composed of shopping and shopping and more shopping!

So it wasn't really that bad being a chaperone for a day cos there were a lot of benefits! Like what? Here's an example. While they're shopping and throwing items over the counter, t'was an opportunity for me to also put the items I want together with theirs, so by the time they pay, everything's covered and paid including my items. Sneaky e?

Not only did I become their chaperone, I also became their chauffeur and lackey carrying several paper bags the entire time we were inside the mall for crying out loud. Of course they felt like they were dating for the first time cos I was also like a custodian guarding their every move. ROFL.

My mom BTW is known as an exorbitant yet smart and practical shoppoholic. So instead of going straight to the mall to indulge shopping from one store to another, she told me to go to Marikina first. You knoe why? You knoe why?

Cos they harbor several outlet stores. It's basically cheaper than their counterpart stores in the malls. Nice idea e?

So after hopping from one outlet store to another until everything's been checked, we headed to the mall! And Trinoma in Quezon City it was. There were lotsa people, dating and some just wandering. We weren't bothered tho cos they aren't literally there to shop, they're just wandering and eating. Huhum... They don't care about the big letters spelled as S-A-L-E.

Bored, tired and cam-whoring @ Guess, Trinoma.

In short, we visited almost every store! Shopped like there is no tomorrow. Tried everything we find attractive. Asked questions like

Is this the last pair, miss?

Is this the smallest size?

Do you have any other color?

Please. Do you have a stock?

I realized that this is the best time of the year to go shopping! Especially when with parents. ROFL. It was climactic!

Mom and Dad. Caught cha! HHWW.

Nao I am soooo tired, my legs are somewhat claudicated. I want to study somewhere like going to the nearest Sbux and finish my two patient's history and PE but I realized it would be pathetic. Surely the cafes are crowded by couples giggling and being mushy. Ew.

Owell. Happy Valentine's Day Earthlings!

Simple Life

How simple can I get?

Simple Life 
I dunno... Life is not so simple.

Today, I just experienced a terrible and frustrating experience in a group discussion. I don't blame the people I work with, I blame myself for allowing it to happen and entertaining some people's principles.

My seatmate asked me if we'll do a presentation in our group discussion in Rehab Medicine regarding stroke, but since our facilitator didn't mention anything about doing a formal powerpoint presentation to discuss the case, I agreed about not doing anything instead to go with the usual spontaneous flow of discussion... The anything goes type; those who want to talk can talk.

This seatmate, just so you knoe is really a responsible classmate. It's a breeze working with her cos she's really a dedicated and an organized person. I think she was kinda worried about our group lacking a prepared presentation earlier today before Rehab Med starts.

We used to be in the same subsection however this shift we are in separate subgroups but in Rehab Med and Surgery. She became the last member of their group, and me as the first in my new group.

This new company where I belong nao in most of our subjects possesses certain principles against mine. And I am slowly and unknowingly acquiring these principles cos I am not doing anything if something's against my. Like for example, we were tasked by one of our facilitators to take a patient's history of his illness and to do a physical examination. It's a common sense (but common sense as they say is not that common) to actually make a clinical impression of the patient's situation and to do an assessment after taking the history and PE. I suggested that we should really make an assessment of our patients' even if I knoe it will be an extra work for us to do, but then again it is still the right thing to do. My suggestion made them nauseated. Their reason?

Dra. didn't tell us to make an assessment.

In my thoughts,

What are we? Second years? Practicing the techniques in taking a good history and physical exam? Hello? We are already in 3rd year. When they require us to take a medical history and PE, it's automatic to make an assessment.

However these words just ran through my thoughts... just...

And just so you knoe, I had a conflict with some of them regarding a group activity a year ago and so to avoid recurrence of such incidence, I just let them do what they want. And I go with the flow.

That's the sad thing about it. Cos I am facing a group, not just a person. And if I come up against them, I will be inimical to a group of people, and it will be them against me and an allied friend.

But I still made an assessment of my patient's clinical condition. *wink. Just in case... But they were lucky, Dra. forgot to collect our papers.

Ok, back to the main issue...

Today, I knoe I recommended something wrong. That is because I was thinking about what "the group" would say cos apparently, seatmate and I currently belong to "this group" in Rehab Med (i knoe, right? it's garble but that's how it works in med school, we don't have fix subgroups).

And since our facilitator in Rehab Med also did not make an announcement to do a presentation, I already knew what they wanted and were anticipating.

The final decision of the group was not to make a presentation. Period.

So basically, Rehab Med facilitator didn't like "our" move. I also don't. She made us (that's if the others also felt the same way) feel so irresponsible. And I'm super embarrassed with seatmate cos we were warned regarding our action.

Gawd! It's so hard to work with people with different principles... It's becoming more and more complicated it makes me want to burst! I wish my last few weeks inside our classrooms will be easy and simple but I guess this will go on until clerkship, cos I might be included in "this group" as we start having our rounds in the ward this coming April. The possibility of having a simple life and in dealing nicely with these people I work with is becoming more hazy each day. And it seems like it's not already me working, I am somewhat being controlled.

And I hate it.

My approach in studying could be different from them, I may be more "toxic" than the rest and I admit that, but I sure am doing the right thing students in our level should really be doing. I think it's the more mature approach, right?

How should one work with people with different mentalities and attitudes?

Oh well...

BTW, the picture above is my fave Simple Life drink, Tapioca Green Milk Tea. It's the new fad in the campus. I am endorsing the store cos it's really really good, as in great! And they're using real green tea, as in you can see how they mix your drink in front of you. Kewl!

Thanks Globe!

I've never had an exceptional 211 (Globe customer service) call before; not until recently. Their prior imbecile operators would usually respond like this

I'm sorry sir for the inconvenience... Blah blah blah...

We're having some network upgrade sir, sorry for the trouble...

We'll have your problem reported sir, I'm sorry for the inconvenience...

I don't want to push further how incompetent some of them are. So, apparently a 211 call before was a futile service, more or less like a hopeless prayer. Problems weren't resolved, instead bear with them like we deserve them.

But wait! Would you believe?!

This time around, their operators are a lot friendlier and patient, and kind and not to mention capable of resolving problems. Even lost prepaid loads! Would you really believe?! Of course being the cocky me, I never showed how compelled I was and didn't bother corresponding to "their" magnanimity.

Yes, I've talked to several of them. That's because every time one's about to finish taking the history of my present difficulty, the network cuts our conversation off. I dunno if it's anticipated or something spontaneous, but I probably had a talk with 6 agents.

That involves me repeating everything I've said before, not until on probably my 3rd call when I told him that I had previous calls so maybe he can check if my queries were probably saved in their database.

I didn't knoe why I even suggested that. But you knoe me, I am an impatient ass, so probably...

I was impressed on how they were able to carry on my demands, interrogations and bullying. Cos their usual operators don't mind the customers' rights, rights regarding a lot of things like being wild and imbecilic in situations like missing prepaid loads. Hehehe...

Globe Telecom gave me back my lost prepaid load! Not exactly the exact amount cos I didn't bother computing for the exact missing value in my 222 message. Exactly! I bet t'was more.

The following day, I received this. Wow.

I could have told them that I lost more than that. A million perhaps?

My friend told me, what is 50bucks to the company, right? She has a point!

I knoe some of you would say it's just 50 bucks, right? But c'mon! I am spending 650 bucks per month just to be always connected with my family, friend and colleagues. And I am "still" a dependent narcissist. 50 bucks is a big thing, for me.

And it's just right to report this kind of problems. If several prepaid subscribers lost 50 bucks, dude that's a lot of money!

Kudos to Globe Telecom for not just returning my lost prepaid load but also for the good customer service and immediate action and resolution.

And next time, I'll be kinder to your operators. I swear. Not going to be a bully.

David Guetta is Love

Not gone after all...


He deserves an entry in my blog cos he brightens my mood. He is a very talented award-winning French DJ who started mixing music at an innocent age of 13 (13 is still considered innocent nowadays?). Enjoy these two tracks from his album Pop Life.

Love is Gone by David Guetta feat. Chris Willis

Frequently played on my list are Baby When the Lights Go Out, Always, Keep on Rising and Love is Gone. These tracks are included in different albums.

Baby When the Lights Go Out by David Guetta feat. Cozi Costi

And his F*ck Me I'm Famous is by the way a great compilation!

A prayer...


Please Rain Hard on Wednesday!

Wednesday is dooms-day! And apparently our only hope is when it rain cats and dogs on Wednesday to sink the entire Univ!

Let's cross our fingers!

Red Flags of Pregnancy

or... Mga Pulang Bandila ng Pagbubuntis?

That was the literal translation, but what the title really mean is the danger signs of pregnancy or in Tagalog "Mga Palatandaan ng Delikadong Pagbubuntis"

Our group in Family Care under the subject of Preventive Medicine created an instructional video about the danger signs of pregnancy that is suitable to our fellow citizens who are pregnant, those who want to be pregnant especially the Primis or those who are bearing for the first time. It is in Tagalog and medical jargons are translated to layman's term for easy understanding.

Statistically, abortion and birth death rate is very high in our country. I think this video is worth sharing to somehow educate our countrymen to prevent complications and even terminations of a lot of pregnancies.

Special thanks to subsection C1B!

Don't stress out your friends.

It's 11am and I just woke up, and I need to write something cos I am soooo freaking out right now, with my cup of coffee and a banana.

Last night, a friend told me

Writing is a stress reliever activity.

I am taking his advice and so, here I am. I am under stress and it's constipating me so I better should write (still gonna eat this banana tho) something or anything.

What is your understanding with the word succubus? or incubus?

Kinky yet scary?


True. Could be. But I just learned another meaning of it.

Succubus is a person who feeds on the emotional energy of a person.

Interesting. So it's not all about sex and the kinky stuff huh? I am such a pervert!

So literally, you are a succubus or an incubus for that matter if you stress out your friends. Right?

How can I stress out my friend then if we are actually friends?

It was the same question I asked to myself when I heard it from Ed Lapiz. He said that not giving stress to your friends is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them.


I consider myself as a good listener. I love to talk (oh yeah) but if you just want me to hold on and listen then I can just sit there and not mumble. That is one of the reasons why I still dig being single. Cos I always listen like forever, I easily get turned-off. Do you get what I mean?

Same is true with friends, I listen intently and more often than not even if our frequencies don't coincide for that particular situation, I would still listen. It's sad but honestly, it's true. I am such a good person. ROFL.

But friendship can also be tiring. Very. Be honest, admit it, it is. We are only human and apparently, we burden ourselves with our own freaking problems. And as friends, we also unconsciously and indirectly carry the worries of our friends. It's a domino effect.

You have a problem, you rant on me, you feel good, I feel bad.


You take my mood away, suck on my current sublimity. I then feel bad. You add up to my emotional burden. You become a problem.

There I understand how we stress our friend out. I learned that, we spontaneously add burden to other people's or even to society's problems. So if you have problems, listen to your "person's" advices and do something about it, solve it and don't rant and talk about it for like a lifetime. Stop telling the same old stories, learn from the past and resolve. Cos it can be really stressing and irritating.

So let's give our friends a break. Let's not stress them out that often with the same old stories bcos we're too dumb to find solutions to it.

It is the greatest gift we can give to our friends.

Have a happy weekend Earthlings!

Anyway, I have a perfect mistake. I almost asked a girl out who is unknowingly "taken" or committed. Oopsie!

Oh! But t'was just "almost" and I didn't knoe she is already "taken" so, it's just "Almost Perfect". Not really perfect. Besides, nobody's perfect!

Oh, and I am not currently under stress because of a friend. Cardiology, Nutrition Medicine and Rehab Medicine are the culprit.