David Guetta is Love

Not gone after all...


He deserves an entry in my blog cos he brightens my mood. He is a very talented award-winning French DJ who started mixing music at an innocent age of 13 (13 is still considered innocent nowadays?). Enjoy these two tracks from his album Pop Life.

Love is Gone by David Guetta feat. Chris Willis

Frequently played on my list are Baby When the Lights Go Out, Always, Keep on Rising and Love is Gone. These tracks are included in different albums.

Baby When the Lights Go Out by David Guetta feat. Cozi Costi

And his F*ck Me I'm Famous is by the way a great compilation!

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Chyng said...

Hi dak!
Sorr yim not familiar with this. Loser! haha

Lance said...

thanks for sharing..im always on the look for new songs kasi i easily get bored of those old songs or new but already old for me kind of songs...hehehe


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