Don't stress out your friends.

It's 11am and I just woke up, and I need to write something cos I am soooo freaking out right now, with my cup of coffee and a banana.

Last night, a friend told me

Writing is a stress reliever activity.

I am taking his advice and so, here I am. I am under stress and it's constipating me so I better should write (still gonna eat this banana tho) something or anything.

What is your understanding with the word succubus? or incubus?

Kinky yet scary?


True. Could be. But I just learned another meaning of it.

Succubus is a person who feeds on the emotional energy of a person.

Interesting. So it's not all about sex and the kinky stuff huh? I am such a pervert!

So literally, you are a succubus or an incubus for that matter if you stress out your friends. Right?

How can I stress out my friend then if we are actually friends?

It was the same question I asked to myself when I heard it from Ed Lapiz. He said that not giving stress to your friends is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them.


I consider myself as a good listener. I love to talk (oh yeah) but if you just want me to hold on and listen then I can just sit there and not mumble. That is one of the reasons why I still dig being single. Cos I always listen like forever, I easily get turned-off. Do you get what I mean?

Same is true with friends, I listen intently and more often than not even if our frequencies don't coincide for that particular situation, I would still listen. It's sad but honestly, it's true. I am such a good person. ROFL.

But friendship can also be tiring. Very. Be honest, admit it, it is. We are only human and apparently, we burden ourselves with our own freaking problems. And as friends, we also unconsciously and indirectly carry the worries of our friends. It's a domino effect.

You have a problem, you rant on me, you feel good, I feel bad.


You take my mood away, suck on my current sublimity. I then feel bad. You add up to my emotional burden. You become a problem.

There I understand how we stress our friend out. I learned that, we spontaneously add burden to other people's or even to society's problems. So if you have problems, listen to your "person's" advices and do something about it, solve it and don't rant and talk about it for like a lifetime. Stop telling the same old stories, learn from the past and resolve. Cos it can be really stressing and irritating.

So let's give our friends a break. Let's not stress them out that often with the same old stories bcos we're too dumb to find solutions to it.

It is the greatest gift we can give to our friends.

Have a happy weekend Earthlings!

Anyway, I have a perfect mistake. I almost asked a girl out who is unknowingly "taken" or committed. Oopsie!

Oh! But t'was just "almost" and I didn't knoe she is already "taken" so, it's just "Almost Perfect". Not really perfect. Besides, nobody's perfect!

Oh, and I am not currently under stress because of a friend. Cardiology, Nutrition Medicine and Rehab Medicine are the culprit.

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lucas said...

i guess it depends on your friends...

there are friends who would rant--they'd feel good, you'd feel bad. but there are friends who would rant, they'd feel good, you'd feel bad but eventually you' feel good for some reason.

Mugen said...

Rant and whine in moderation, the moment it becomes a cycle it becomes unhealthy to your friendship.

Jun said...

sigh, jt like how u torment me wth ur starbucks moments :P

ps: hate cardio too. and rehab med-- too many reports to write @__@

tagabukid said...

now you are stressing me out bad!!! hehe...inuman na lang :D

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