Simple Life

How simple can I get?

Simple Life 
I dunno... Life is not so simple.

Today, I just experienced a terrible and frustrating experience in a group discussion. I don't blame the people I work with, I blame myself for allowing it to happen and entertaining some people's principles.

My seatmate asked me if we'll do a presentation in our group discussion in Rehab Medicine regarding stroke, but since our facilitator didn't mention anything about doing a formal powerpoint presentation to discuss the case, I agreed about not doing anything instead to go with the usual spontaneous flow of discussion... The anything goes type; those who want to talk can talk.

This seatmate, just so you knoe is really a responsible classmate. It's a breeze working with her cos she's really a dedicated and an organized person. I think she was kinda worried about our group lacking a prepared presentation earlier today before Rehab Med starts.

We used to be in the same subsection however this shift we are in separate subgroups but in Rehab Med and Surgery. She became the last member of their group, and me as the first in my new group.

This new company where I belong nao in most of our subjects possesses certain principles against mine. And I am slowly and unknowingly acquiring these principles cos I am not doing anything if something's against my. Like for example, we were tasked by one of our facilitators to take a patient's history of his illness and to do a physical examination. It's a common sense (but common sense as they say is not that common) to actually make a clinical impression of the patient's situation and to do an assessment after taking the history and PE. I suggested that we should really make an assessment of our patients' even if I knoe it will be an extra work for us to do, but then again it is still the right thing to do. My suggestion made them nauseated. Their reason?

Dra. didn't tell us to make an assessment.

In my thoughts,

What are we? Second years? Practicing the techniques in taking a good history and physical exam? Hello? We are already in 3rd year. When they require us to take a medical history and PE, it's automatic to make an assessment.

However these words just ran through my thoughts... just...

And just so you knoe, I had a conflict with some of them regarding a group activity a year ago and so to avoid recurrence of such incidence, I just let them do what they want. And I go with the flow.

That's the sad thing about it. Cos I am facing a group, not just a person. And if I come up against them, I will be inimical to a group of people, and it will be them against me and an allied friend.

But I still made an assessment of my patient's clinical condition. *wink. Just in case... But they were lucky, Dra. forgot to collect our papers.

Ok, back to the main issue...

Today, I knoe I recommended something wrong. That is because I was thinking about what "the group" would say cos apparently, seatmate and I currently belong to "this group" in Rehab Med (i knoe, right? it's garble but that's how it works in med school, we don't have fix subgroups).

And since our facilitator in Rehab Med also did not make an announcement to do a presentation, I already knew what they wanted and were anticipating.

The final decision of the group was not to make a presentation. Period.

So basically, Rehab Med facilitator didn't like "our" move. I also don't. She made us (that's if the others also felt the same way) feel so irresponsible. And I'm super embarrassed with seatmate cos we were warned regarding our action.

Gawd! It's so hard to work with people with different principles... It's becoming more and more complicated it makes me want to burst! I wish my last few weeks inside our classrooms will be easy and simple but I guess this will go on until clerkship, cos I might be included in "this group" as we start having our rounds in the ward this coming April. The possibility of having a simple life and in dealing nicely with these people I work with is becoming more hazy each day. And it seems like it's not already me working, I am somewhat being controlled.

And I hate it.

My approach in studying could be different from them, I may be more "toxic" than the rest and I admit that, but I sure am doing the right thing students in our level should really be doing. I think it's the more mature approach, right?

How should one work with people with different mentalities and attitudes?

Oh well...

BTW, the picture above is my fave Simple Life drink, Tapioca Green Milk Tea. It's the new fad in the campus. I am endorsing the store cos it's really really good, as in great! And they're using real green tea, as in you can see how they mix your drink in front of you. Kewl!

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Chyng said...

Hi Dak!

Kunyare magaling ako mag-advice, pero based sa experience ko dito sa office, (na uso ang issues at termination), learn to listen kasi sign of respect na appreciated mo yung ideas at effort nila for the team. After nun makikinig din sila sayo.

Juicekilz, ayoko ng tension! haha

Mugen said...

I would rather join a group with the same principles as me. Teacher ba namili ng group mo?

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