Thanks Globe!

I've never had an exceptional 211 (Globe customer service) call before; not until recently. Their prior imbecile operators would usually respond like this

I'm sorry sir for the inconvenience... Blah blah blah...

We're having some network upgrade sir, sorry for the trouble...

We'll have your problem reported sir, I'm sorry for the inconvenience...

I don't want to push further how incompetent some of them are. So, apparently a 211 call before was a futile service, more or less like a hopeless prayer. Problems weren't resolved, instead bear with them like we deserve them.

But wait! Would you believe?!

This time around, their operators are a lot friendlier and patient, and kind and not to mention capable of resolving problems. Even lost prepaid loads! Would you really believe?! Of course being the cocky me, I never showed how compelled I was and didn't bother corresponding to "their" magnanimity.

Yes, I've talked to several of them. That's because every time one's about to finish taking the history of my present difficulty, the network cuts our conversation off. I dunno if it's anticipated or something spontaneous, but I probably had a talk with 6 agents.

That involves me repeating everything I've said before, not until on probably my 3rd call when I told him that I had previous calls so maybe he can check if my queries were probably saved in their database.

I didn't knoe why I even suggested that. But you knoe me, I am an impatient ass, so probably...

I was impressed on how they were able to carry on my demands, interrogations and bullying. Cos their usual operators don't mind the customers' rights, rights regarding a lot of things like being wild and imbecilic in situations like missing prepaid loads. Hehehe...

Globe Telecom gave me back my lost prepaid load! Not exactly the exact amount cos I didn't bother computing for the exact missing value in my 222 message. Exactly! I bet t'was more.

The following day, I received this. Wow.

I could have told them that I lost more than that. A million perhaps?

My friend told me, what is 50bucks to the company, right? She has a point!

I knoe some of you would say it's just 50 bucks, right? But c'mon! I am spending 650 bucks per month just to be always connected with my family, friend and colleagues. And I am "still" a dependent narcissist. 50 bucks is a big thing, for me.

And it's just right to report this kind of problems. If several prepaid subscribers lost 50 bucks, dude that's a lot of money!

Kudos to Globe Telecom for not just returning my lost prepaid load but also for the good customer service and immediate action and resolution.

And next time, I'll be kinder to your operators. I swear. Not going to be a bully.

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Chyng said...

Good Post! At least they're improving.

Wag naman naten icompare ang custumer service dito compare sa ibang bansa. Inferness, wala silang alam most of the time. Ang susunget pa.

lucas said...

if i were you siguro i won't bother...nadala na kasi ako sa mga ganyan. hehehe!

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