Vday 09

Could mean either Valentine's day or Vajayjay day. Either one makes sense. And you knoe why.

The original plan to ask a prospect out was nullified by a reasonable alibi. Family coming over, upcoming exam and prostration. The supposed to be tryst became a chit-chat, compensated by a long talk over the CP. I understood.

Since mom, dad and siblings also came over very early today, I agreed to become a chaperone, of either my mom or dad in their V-date. Their date is not the usual date-date instead composed of shopping and shopping and more shopping!

So it wasn't really that bad being a chaperone for a day cos there were a lot of benefits! Like what? Here's an example. While they're shopping and throwing items over the counter, t'was an opportunity for me to also put the items I want together with theirs, so by the time they pay, everything's covered and paid including my items. Sneaky e?

Not only did I become their chaperone, I also became their chauffeur and lackey carrying several paper bags the entire time we were inside the mall for crying out loud. Of course they felt like they were dating for the first time cos I was also like a custodian guarding their every move. ROFL.

My mom BTW is known as an exorbitant yet smart and practical shoppoholic. So instead of going straight to the mall to indulge shopping from one store to another, she told me to go to Marikina first. You knoe why? You knoe why?

Cos they harbor several outlet stores. It's basically cheaper than their counterpart stores in the malls. Nice idea e?

So after hopping from one outlet store to another until everything's been checked, we headed to the mall! And Trinoma in Quezon City it was. There were lotsa people, dating and some just wandering. We weren't bothered tho cos they aren't literally there to shop, they're just wandering and eating. Huhum... They don't care about the big letters spelled as S-A-L-E.

Bored, tired and cam-whoring @ Guess, Trinoma.

In short, we visited almost every store! Shopped like there is no tomorrow. Tried everything we find attractive. Asked questions like

Is this the last pair, miss?

Is this the smallest size?

Do you have any other color?

Please. Do you have a stock?

I realized that this is the best time of the year to go shopping! Especially when with parents. ROFL. It was climactic!

Mom and Dad. Caught cha! HHWW.

Nao I am soooo tired, my legs are somewhat claudicated. I want to study somewhere like going to the nearest Sbux and finish my two patient's history and PE but I realized it would be pathetic. Surely the cafes are crowded by couples giggling and being mushy. Ew.

Owell. Happy Valentine's Day Earthlings!

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Mugen said...

Hah, kapagod nga. I would raise a voice if someone ask me to accompany him/her in all the malls around the city.

lucas said...

i hate shopping. lalo na kapag chaperone pa. hehehe! i go to malls mostly just to eat and watch movies. ahehehe!

belated balemtimes!

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