Bora Quattro – Barfer and Barfee

I wasn’t able to give an update last night cos I was too drunk to do so. Yes, I was drunk two nights in a row. In Boracay that was! Yes! Party to the max! However, the second night happened in Club Paraw which is the sweetest bar (I think).

Woot woot!

DSC05129  Atenistas letting loose and grooving their sexy moves @ Club Paraw. How did I knoe they were Atenistas?! Owell!

Everyone’s dancing in their skimpiest outfits, and I wasn’t able to help it as well so without any words or warnings I also stood up and showed my signature moves! The DJ that night was also soooo effin awesome; mixes were all so great we just can’t stop shakin’.

What made the night “tragic” was when I just kept on drinking and refilling my glass from this tower,

DSC05116Tower of deception. ROFL

I didn’t knoe I was already that drunk. Cos I was just there busy shaking my ass. I didn’t knoe the alcohol was already all over my veins werking so silently. So, you probably have guessed already what happened next? Noh? Hohoho! No.

I think at 2AM (was too drunk to knoe), I already felt the need to lie down and sleep. And yes I just let my body prostrate right there and then, in a supine and pathetic position. In Club Parao. In the middle of the club with the thugs and the thuds.

What made it worse was when this girl friend who’s lying beside me barfed on my head without me actually knoeing I was being vomited with this mixture of alcoholic substance and foreign debris. I knoe right? Ew!

When I came to realize I was actually being vomited all over my head (imagine, in my head. what’s grosser than that?!), I cannot really recall how I reacted and stuff. For sure it grossed me out but I remember that all I wanted to do right at that very moment was to immediately take a bath. So I just ran into the beach knoeing that it’s just right in front of the club and was like a crazy guy, I washed myself all over with the freezing and salty sea water. ROFL.

All my recollections are blur but I remember that while walking back to the hotel room, I also barfed for the nth time. I think. Which somehow gave me a dose of relief. Okay, I don’t think that was even relevant to tell you guys. ROFL.

It was yeah… Tragic. A nice tragic ending.

It’s been a while since I felt like it. Like a virgin. It actually felt so good. T’was as if I don’t care or give a damn to anyone or into anything at that moment. I was sooo free. When I was back in the hotel, I immediately showered then I slept as if nothing happened. I wasn’t thinking about anything right before I slept. No worries or problems. I had a great sleep. Even if I was bathed with vomitous, so what?! It was one of the best moments of my life.

Bora Tres – Hang-over

Overwhelming party. Had a great night!


Mawnin… Moanin… Terrible Hang-over.

Blame it to the weng weng. Gawd!

That’s all for nao. Later.

Bora Dos – Wandered

As of this moment, we just got back in our hotel rooms after a long day of various Bora activities such as the following captioned pictures at the bottom. We’re just waiting for the complimentary dinner buffet then we’ll go swimming in the resort’s inviting pool just in front of our 107.

The Regency Boracay beach front.

The famous Jonah’s Fruitshake.

Henna tattoo complimenting our personalities and styles.

Rest @ 107

Parao-sailing until the sun goes down.

We can already hear the thumping mixes along the shoreline, can see the invitational lights of every bar and can observe people ready to rave and rumble.

Bora Uno – The Arrival

As I type this entry, we just arrived here at the Regency Boracay. The flight from Manila to Caticlan was pretty much okay. However, my departure time that was supposed to be at 6:20 in the morning was moved to 7AM. I was shocked when I arrived at the airport and the only open counter going to Caticlan is the 7AM flight. I was really shocked cos it was still 5AM when I arrived at the airport. My initial thought was that the counter for my flight was already closed. But as I found out later on, it was moved to 7AM. I was supposed to go solo flight but since my friends who have an 8AM flight arrived in the airport very early (impressive!), they were able to get in to the same flight as mine. So it was very sweet! Cos i dowana be alone.

ZestAir was on time. Would you believe?! And the plane was as good as new opposed to what I was expecting. And there were no hassles in mobile transfers from Caticlan airport until here, currently at the lobby of the Regency Hotel while waiting to be checked in.

This is what I was talking about! A welcome cocktail!

More updates soon!

***BTW, I am not promoting the Regency Boracay and the ZestAir.

Yes! I lurv Pina Colada!

In less than 12 hours, I’ll be in an essentially very very long unequally and powdery white-sand beach with torquoise waters. I’m describing it based on pictures I’ve seen, but I knoe it will be beyond words could ever detail. Imana syc this song to my iPod then once I step into the pearly-white shores… Click!

boracay I can already imagine myself in one of those beachside recliners with glasses of Pina Coladas…

I was tired of my lady
We'd been together too long
Like a worn-out recording
Of a favorite song
So while she lay there sleeping
I read the paper in bed
And in the personal columns
There was this letter I read
"If you like Pina Coladas
And getting caught in the rain
If you're not into yoga
If you have half a brain
If you'd like making love at midnight
In the dunes on the Cape
Then I'm the love that you've looked for
Write to me and escape."
I didn't think about my lady
I know that sounds kind of mean
But me and my old lady
Have fallen into the same old dull routine
So I wrote to the paper
Took out a personal ad
And though I'm nobody's poet
I thought it wasn't half bad
"Yes I like Pina Coladas
And getting caught in the rain
I'm not much into health food
I am into champagne
I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon
And cut through all this red-tape
At a bar called O'Malley's
Where we'll plan our escape."
So I waited with high hopes
And she walked in the place
I knew her smile in an instant
I knew the curve of her face
It was my own lovely lady
And she said, "Oh it's you."
Then we laughed for a moment
And I said, "I never knew."
That you like Pina Coladas
Getting caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean
And the taste of champagne
If you'd like making love at midnight
In the dunes of the Cape
You're the lady I've looked for
Come with me and escape

Pina Colada by Jimmy Buffett

Photo Source

Where is the passion?

Rumor has it. LeBron considered moving next season to Knicks?!

I am not really a sports aficionado. Sports for me is like a vanilla ice cream; nothing special and not really a big fan. Except! There is an exception. Except when it comes to LeBron James, Andy Roddick and of course my so-so sport Table Tennis.

The Cavs is pretty much gaining the crowd’s interest this year. Last year was owell, a tough game against the Celtics in reaching the finals against the oh-so-overrated Lakers. This season, Mo and LeBron are doing a great job even if Ben Wallace was injured (Is he okay nao? I have no updates about him). So I think this year, Cavs will rule over the Eastern Conference. Boohoo to Bostons. Haha.

But what made me sad though is the fact that the American Basketball’s already too commercialized. It revolves around money and fame and not about the game; the passion of playing basketball and the nobility the players gain for their own city or state when they win.

Take for example James. He is the only basketball player I’ve ever paid attention to. Not just because he’s an oh-so-great player. Yes he is really great; better than Koby, I think. But also, he’s playing for the team where he really grew up and developed his skills and talents. He’s actually from Akron but of course Akron doesn’t have an NBA team, right? He’s playing for the Cavs. And it’s sooo apparent that in every game he plays, he’s really into it. He has this enthusiasm-look in his face which tells us that he loves and is really into basketball.

But there’s a rumor about him moving to NY Knicks cos he got a better offer. Bigger money that is. And he actually considered taking it.

Isn’t it sad how sports nowadays is not about giving honors to the team where you really belong but because of money? To be totally honest, Knicks is not even a good team. I mean, what will he get when he moves to NY? It would have better if he’s moving into a better basketball team cos he wants to transcend or something like that. But no. He considered moving to NY cos of the money. It doesn’t matter how bad the team is, as long as the offer is big.

But money is really big in Bball, as well in many other types of sports. When we see the riches of Manny Pacquiao and the glam lives of NBA superstars, I cannot erase thinking about maybe I am actually in a wrong career path. ROFL.


But LeBron is not moving. According to my current readings, he’s not. He’s staying in Cavs. Yey! I hope that he realized and that other professional sports players out there should also realize that sports is not all about the moolah and the rocks that comes with it, but it should be about being passionate about the sports that you play with. Passionate in a sense of doing it because you like it, you are happy about it and you are proud of it. For LeBron, proud of the team who made him what he is now.

I knoe he still loves his team. My kudos is still to Lebron! Yey!


Examination period is relatively over. As much as I want to go out and celebrate, my body tells me otherwise. I am so weary, tired and sooo exhausted and lazy I can’t even manage to stand up, go to the toilet and pee when I need to. Would you believe I am currently wearing a cath?


Shifting and Final exams are over but on Friday, there’s this comprehensive 200-item, 4-hour exam I should take. But I may not take it if I want to. Some consider taking it as a freebie. Righty. A free 2-point or 1-point directly added into the final grade of all subjects is an absolute give away! Very cool huh? That is… if you are cool enough to remember recent and even previous topics, not to mention frosh subjects. So if one gets a 74 percent grade in Surgery class, in order to pass Surgery, at least he or she should get a 75 percent in compre exam to get plus 1.

Wish us all luck! Let’s make another plus points this year! Yey!

If my exams turn out well, I will be promoted as a medical clerk this coming April! Let’s all cross our fingers, a’right? But I deeply understand if you cannot cross your fingers due to arthritis. JK.

Clerkship! C’mon! X X X X…

But clerkship will surely make me miss a lot like these…

BTW! I just upgraded my Live Writer to the new Windows Live Writer 2009! Yey! Kewl kewl kewl! Sweet! It’s the sweetest I can’t help to mention it here. DL yours @ Windows Live Website!

Motionless and Clueless

CM is a 23 year-old male who consulted due to episodes of unexplained generalized morning paralysis.

About a year prior to consultation, the patient started experiencing morning paralysis described as "cannot move" any of his body parts except the opening of his eyes just when he's about to get out of the bed. According to him, he also cannot open his mouth and be able to speak, and he felt helpless during the attack. It was accompanied by anxiety, tachycardia (increase in heart rate) and tachypnea (increase in respiratory rate). During this first attack, he just resumed to sleep in the hopes that it's just a bad dream, then eventually after waking up he was able to move again.

Interim, the symptom occurred several times (~7) with the same manifestations. Sometimes when he cannot go back to sleep after the attacks, the paralytic episodes were resolved after a few minutes of waiting and just doing nothing. He just ignored these attacks cos all were resolved eventually and spontaneously.

Not until a few days prior to consultation, the patient had the same attack however at this time, it's accompanied by an unexplained sight of a young woman seated beside his bed. He claimed that he doesn't know the woman but was initially considered to be his older sister. He cannot confirm this for he can only see the back of her head and not the face of the woman. During the attack, he tried to check the identity of the woman but since he cannot move, it was unsuccessful.

This attack was considered as horrifying by the patient hence consultation.

Other relevant histories:

*No previous deaths in the family and friends
*No signs and symptoms of organic brain lesion
*No family history of psychiatric disorders
*Often late and absent in school
*Occasional alcoholic beverage drinker
*Patient denied of any illicit drug use

On physical examination, the patient is lanky, sluggish and looks always exhausted. He eats slowly but would eventually finish his meal. No pertinent neurologic and psychiatric signs. The rest of the PE was unremarkable.

First of all, this is my first entry under BlueNotes. Yey!

To be totally honest, I was terrorized when the patient told me this uncanny experience. The story was filled with fear and questions like "what happened to me?!"

My initial impression was that it's a possible paranormal experience. Why not?! Right? It's also possible that the inability to move after waking up in the morning might be due to possession by some sort of evil or wandering spirit that may have corrupted his body, right? But to be honest, I don't believe in such ideas, cos I personally don't have any previous ghostly experiences.

Still... and what the heck! When one tells us stories such us this, we cannot erase considering something eerie and spooky. It triggers goosebumps from erupting all over our skins.

I considered asking opinions about this case to some people that I knoe and they pretty much have the same impression. They don't know what it was but they were sure that "it's not something explainable by simple psyche."

So if the patient actually experienced something paranormal and saw a ghost, then who is this lady ghost? The patient as stated in the history had no recall of any previous deaths in the family nor friends that may explain the apparition. Is there a medical explanation to his experience?

Differential diagnoses?

  • Visual hallucination, an early symptom of schizophrenia.
  • CM is a drug addict. He lied when he denied illegal drug use.
  • Metastatic malignancy (cancer) with involvement of the brain causing visual hallucination and also probably the episodic paralysis.
  • Periodic paralysis.
  • CM has a friend who unknowingly just died.
  • CM just made up the story.
  • The lady ghost was just his sister. He panicked.

    Actually, different people will make different impressions on this case. In the real world, people would go to where their beliefs would tell them which is more or less true. It feels safer when we act into our own concept and beliefs and it is easier to prove (it) if we knoe a lot of things about it.

  • Same is true in medicine, doctors nowadays don't just say it's a medical case but instead would further correlate it to the type of specialty or subspecialty he is expert about. That's is why it is relatively not advisable to go directly into a specialist for a first consultation but rather to go to a general practitioner first to evaluate the real causality of symptoms.

    For example. If you experience chest pains, a Pulmonologist will likely tell that you have a pleural effusion secondary to pneumonia. A Cardiologist will likely say you have an angina or worse MI. A Rheumatologist will likely say you have an arthritis.

    So for me based on my own opinion, I think CM had episodes of periodic paralysis. It feels safer for me to say that cos I knoe all the symptoms fit. Besides, ion't believe in paranormal "weirdo-ness". No offense but I really don't.

    Periodic paralysis is a rare genetic diseases that lead to weakness or paralysis from common triggers such as cold, heat, high carbohydrate meals, not eating, stress or excitement and physical activity of any kind. In Asia, hyperthoiroidism is also one of the triggers or causes of periodic paralysis.

    So, what do you think?

    College confusion

    Poor guy, he doesn't knoe what college to go to.

    I can reminisce the time when I also had to hop from one university to another just to be interviewed and to convince different panels on how qualified I was to their college. If I had to lie, Owell, I probably had. I can't even remember.

    Thinking about it nao... it was easy. I swear it was. But during those times, college was a huge step for anyone who freshly graduated from the den of high school. Especially for me who came from the boondoks of the north. It sounds and feels so difficult during those times... Yeah, I remember I almost barfed when I was in one of the queues (jk).

    Do you really believe I came from the boondoks? Hehehe... Hell no I did not. Besides, I don't think it's even totally necessary for me to tell you that.

    Anyway, I can totally relate to my brother, but his applications and procedures are a lot harder nao cos there's even this classical piece thingie that he has to perform in one of his interviews. And besides, he's into a lot of things; one school he applied to music, another school to advertising, then to HRM. He also wants to be a chef, and I believe he's also planning to apply in PATTS for aeronautical engineering.

    He's so diverse.

    Gawd! But to be totally honest? Maybe the reason why I think it was a lot easier for me cos I knoe what I really wanted. Or maybe I am just a bore, that is why. I hope he figures it out soon.

    Good Luck dude!

    7 exams to go!

    That's The Way Love Goes

    One of my all time favorites... Janet Jackson's That's The Way Love Goes. Out of nowhere it just started playing in my media, and I thought it is worth sharing cos I think this song really rocks. I love the beat, the lyrics and the whole point of the song.

    Click click click! To play...

    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Can't you see my desire?
    That's the way love goes
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Can't you see my desire?
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Can't you see my desire
    That's the way love goes
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    That's the way love goes
    My love is blind
    Can't you see my desire?
    Come with me
    Don't you worry
    I'm gonna make you crazy
    I'll give you the time of your life
    I'm gonna take you places
    You've never been before and
    You'll be so happy that you came
    Oooooh, I'm gonna take you there
    Oo-ooh hoo-ooh oo-ooh
    That's the way love goes
    That's the way love goes
    That's the way love goes
    That's the way love goes
    Don't mind if I light candles
    I like to watch us play and
    Baby, I've got on what you like
    Come closer
    Baby closer
    Reach out and feel my body
    I'm gonna give you all my love
    Ooh sugar don't you hurry
    You've got me here all night
    Just close your eyes and hold on tight
    Ooh baby
    Don't stop, don't stop
    Go deeper
    Baby deeper
    You feel so good I'm gonna cry
    Oooooh I'm gonna take you there
    Oo-ooh hoo-ooh oo-ooh
    That's the way love goes
    That's the way love goes
    That's the way love goes it goes it goes
    Oooh that's the way love goes
    Reach out and feel my body
    That's the way love goes
    Dontcha know
    That's the way
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire
    My love is blind
    Can't you see my desire
    Like a moth to a flame
    Burned by the fire My love is blind
    Can't you see my desire?
    That's the way love goes

    Here's the N'sync version! And it's equally lovable. N'sync did a great job. I am impressed! Click click click to hear!


    Safety Issues...

    The easiest and fastest way going to Boracay is to take a plane and land somewhere in Caticlan. Am I right?

    Going to Caticlan narrowed our choices of airlines to take into SEAIR, InterIsland Airlines and Zest Air (formerly known as Asian Spirit).

    We booked our flight to Zest Air not because according to them it's the "Asia's most refreshing airline" but because it is cheaper than the rest.

    Since boredom whacked me hard last night, I checked infos about Zest Air. I was dumbfounded when I found out that the former Asian Spirit airline was tagged or labeled as "You are already a spirit once you reach your destination".

    Oh okay, that was... funny.

    They probably changed the name cos it's not true, right? Or maybe and probably... they already bought newer and safer fleets replacing the old and crappy ones...

    I searched some reviews about this all-new Zest Air... Everything I read were okay... tolerable... no known or documented crashes yet or whatsoever. And I even found this picture!


    An airbus. Hmmm... Sweet!

    Not until I saw in pictures the exact plane that we are going to take. The smaller... and older... and look at those propellers... Are they fully functional?


    Should I be scared nao?

    It looks so... so vintage. Yikes.

    New Cat in the house.

    I am not getting a pussy- -cat. Not just because I currently can't get a dog, it doesn't mean I am resorting into getting a cat. Duh.

    Cat means Category. I am talking about a new Category or Tag or whatever-you-call-it-classification in my blog. Soon, you will read a new kinda thing in my blog.

    It will be classified / categorized or tagged under "BlueNotes".


    Yes. BlueNotes is the term they use in the hospital wards pertaining to the patients' data since the start of their current hospital admission. Nurses popularly refer to these data as the Chart. It doesn't mean though that I am going to discuss here my hospital patients' lives and medical conditions. It's way too boring for me to do that, right?

    This BlueNotes thingie will serve as a collection of stories about people I knoe or people I meet but I do not personally knoe who at some point sorta shared problems regarding anything, then / and I or ~we would try to discuss and manage these imminent problems as much as we can. So you might as well share your thoughts by giving out comments.

    **However, the names of the so-called "patients" in this BlueNotes, some of the events and informations will require alterations and/or may not be shared at all to protect the "patient"'s identity. Heard of the doctor-patient confidentiality?


    Super or Suffer?

    I don't want to suffer. And I believe neither do anyone. Who wants to suffer, right?

    But then again, why do we still suffer? In my humble opinion, we are responsible on our own freaking sufferings. We let ourselves suffer if we let those sufferings come into our lives.


    ***The following quoted words were taken from our recent lecture in Bioethics.

    Through suffering, we can comfort others.

    How is this possible? I don't knoe. I pretty am sure though that those who experienced the same sufferings flock together. And a group of impaired individuals doesn't sound so comforting, right?

    Can't we condole others without experiencing the same thing? I think that the above statement simply tells us that life isn't fair. That I can't be happy if you are not. It seems to me as well that comforting another person requires you to feel the same way that that person is feeling. Which I think is unfair. Does "I knoe how you feel" and "I've been through that" assertions make a suffering person feel better?

    I don't think so. I believe that the most comforting thing a person can do is to understand.

    Our suffering can manifest Christ's insufficiency.

    When did Christ ever became insufficient? Christ is perfect. When I heard this statement in class, my immediate thought was that it was sooo wrong. I am not a very religious person but I was taught and I knew ever since I was a kid that only Christ in perfect. Nao, how come He's insufficient?

    The next question would be, if God is insufficient then what is this insufficiency? What is this inadequacy that He left us behind? He gave us his Son to save us from all our sins. Imagine that. Saved us from all our sins. T'was not only sufficient, it is the greatest!

    We should only believe.

    Our suffering causes us to rely on God alone.

    As Christians who believe in God, to whom should we really depend on? Owell. It's not supposed to be a question. It's pretty obvious. We should not have a choice but to rely on God. Alone. Anytime. Suffering is not a reason for us to turn ourselves into God.

    Suffering encourages prayers and thanksgiving.

    This is pretty much the same as the former. It could be right. Yes. Suffering can encourage a person to pray MORE. But it's just right for us to always pray, and not just pray whenever we suffer. And it shouldn't stop in praying, cos suffering will not go away without doing our part. We suffer, pray, then solve.

    Suffering teaches us to claim the promises of God.

    What is the promise of Christ? Heaven. Salvation. That He will soon come back and save us from all earthly wickedness. Kewl! How is this possible? How can we claim the promise of God? By accepting Jesus Christ as our savior. He cleansed our soul by washing away our sins. Our only duty is to believe in Him. That is how we can claim the promise of God. How simple is that?! Yet a lot are still confused and cannot follow.

    Guys, I am not a religious person. I am no saint. I go to church and I had been to several other churches before. I just want to share the things that I think need explorations; clarifications of beliefs that are misunderstood by the many. I have my own faith and so do you. Your opinions are all welcome.

    In summary, suffering is inevitable. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, it's still there. We do what is right, we still suffer; and that is if you let yourself suffer. It's ironic, but that's how it works. Suffering doesn't exist if we don't create sufferings. It is suspend-able. We may transiently succumb into it, but we can choose to let it stay or go away. We can definitely ask God to guide us and help us cope with these sufferings and pains in our lives but we still hold to a decision whether or not we want let go of these sufferings.

    She made it to taf 10

    Barbie wasn't able to bring home the crown... still, she was on top 10! And for us, she's the winner. She made us all proud of her.

    image image

    Like what I have said, she's not as popular as Rich Asuncion and Abby Cruz (I like her but she did not qualify in the top10 list), but she was able to pull herself up.

    Congratulations Barbie! Let's celebrate!


    Okay nao, enough about beauty pageant entries. ROFL.

    Moving on...

    Barbie Salvador

    Howkay, I was searching the web for updates regarding my cousin, Barbara "Barbie" Salvador. I found a few. She's not as popular as the other Bb. Pilipinas contestants but I think she's really werking on it, and a lot of people is actually starting to like her. According to one of my sources, since she's apparently morena, her popularity escalated more to foreign spectators. I think she's a strong contender.

    Here's one of her gorgeous shots. (It makes me wonder what had happened to my genes! ROFL)


    To see more of her pictures, visit her sole thread @

    I hope she pulls herself up more tonight! Watch the Coronation Night of Binibining Pilipinas 2009 tonight @ GMA 7.

    Go Babrie!

    Crazy March

    Let me consider this month as the Crazy Month... But watev.

  • My schedule's becoming toxic-er and toxic-er each day. That's bcos of heaping amount of exams, papers, reports and presentations and hm... life per se. Call it crazy but that's how it goes in med school.
  • And by that it means, lesser sleep... Lesser sleep means mood swings. Mood swings lead to insanity.
  • And I'll never survive unless I am a little crazy. It's simple as saying don't take life too seriously cos you'll never get out of life. So I should also take small doses of craziness and lesser doses of seriousness.
  • What's the craziest thing I've done lately? None. So I need to think outside the box and get a little spice of life, or else I'll die of consistency...
  • I bought a yoga mat for several reasons. It's an enough reason to call me crazy, right? Why? One reason is lifestyle change for I am already pre-hypertensive. Second reason, is to spare myself from consistency. I am bored with just jogging around the campus, so Imana add floor exercises. Third? Aesthetics.

    Nao enjoy this song Crazy Angel by Kill Hanna.

  • It's serious
    I've got to find you when I start to feel this way
    You mesmerize me all the time
    And I'll hold on til tonight
    But that's too long
    Cuz you're an angel
    You're an angel
    My crazy angel
    My crazy angel
    So serious I've got to take you home again tonight
    Cuz right now you paralyze me with your smile
    As your wings discard there feathers on the ground
    I see a halo up above you
    My crazy angel
    My crazy angel
    I hold on so hard
    And pray that i won't say something wrong
    I look at the stars
    And dream that the universe was ours
    My crazy angel
    I hold on so hard
    And pray that i won't say something wrong
    I look at the stars
    And dream that the universe was ours
    I won't ever stop
    My crazy angel