Barbie Salvador

Howkay, I was searching the web for updates regarding my cousin, Barbara "Barbie" Salvador. I found a few. She's not as popular as the other Bb. Pilipinas contestants but I think she's really werking on it, and a lot of people is actually starting to like her. According to one of my sources, since she's apparently morena, her popularity escalated more to foreign spectators. I think she's a strong contender.

Here's one of her gorgeous shots. (It makes me wonder what had happened to my genes! ROFL)


To see more of her pictures, visit her sole thread @

I hope she pulls herself up more tonight! Watch the Coronation Night of Binibining Pilipinas 2009 tonight @ GMA 7.

Go Babrie!

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Mugen said...

She's indeed gorgeous. Raaawwwr!!

lucas said...

nakita ko yung picture niya na naka-display sa gateway along with other contestants. she's gorgeous. morena is more filipina.

tagabukid said...

goodluck sa cuz mo, dak.

Ely said...

Wow! Ganda naman ng lahi niyo! hehehe. She's beautiful!

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