Bora Quattro – Barfer and Barfee

I wasn’t able to give an update last night cos I was too drunk to do so. Yes, I was drunk two nights in a row. In Boracay that was! Yes! Party to the max! However, the second night happened in Club Paraw which is the sweetest bar (I think).

Woot woot!

DSC05129  Atenistas letting loose and grooving their sexy moves @ Club Paraw. How did I knoe they were Atenistas?! Owell!

Everyone’s dancing in their skimpiest outfits, and I wasn’t able to help it as well so without any words or warnings I also stood up and showed my signature moves! The DJ that night was also soooo effin awesome; mixes were all so great we just can’t stop shakin’.

What made the night “tragic” was when I just kept on drinking and refilling my glass from this tower,

DSC05116Tower of deception. ROFL

I didn’t knoe I was already that drunk. Cos I was just there busy shaking my ass. I didn’t knoe the alcohol was already all over my veins werking so silently. So, you probably have guessed already what happened next? Noh? Hohoho! No.

I think at 2AM (was too drunk to knoe), I already felt the need to lie down and sleep. And yes I just let my body prostrate right there and then, in a supine and pathetic position. In Club Parao. In the middle of the club with the thugs and the thuds.

What made it worse was when this girl friend who’s lying beside me barfed on my head without me actually knoeing I was being vomited with this mixture of alcoholic substance and foreign debris. I knoe right? Ew!

When I came to realize I was actually being vomited all over my head (imagine, in my head. what’s grosser than that?!), I cannot really recall how I reacted and stuff. For sure it grossed me out but I remember that all I wanted to do right at that very moment was to immediately take a bath. So I just ran into the beach knoeing that it’s just right in front of the club and was like a crazy guy, I washed myself all over with the freezing and salty sea water. ROFL.

All my recollections are blur but I remember that while walking back to the hotel room, I also barfed for the nth time. I think. Which somehow gave me a dose of relief. Okay, I don’t think that was even relevant to tell you guys. ROFL.

It was yeah… Tragic. A nice tragic ending.

It’s been a while since I felt like it. Like a virgin. It actually felt so good. T’was as if I don’t care or give a damn to anyone or into anything at that moment. I was sooo free. When I was back in the hotel, I immediately showered then I slept as if nothing happened. I wasn’t thinking about anything right before I slept. No worries or problems. I had a great sleep. Even if I was bathed with vomitous, so what?! It was one of the best moments of my life.

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Anonymous said...

Club Paraw. I've so many fond memories of that place. The fun just never ends. :-)

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