Bora Uno – The Arrival

As I type this entry, we just arrived here at the Regency Boracay. The flight from Manila to Caticlan was pretty much okay. However, my departure time that was supposed to be at 6:20 in the morning was moved to 7AM. I was shocked when I arrived at the airport and the only open counter going to Caticlan is the 7AM flight. I was really shocked cos it was still 5AM when I arrived at the airport. My initial thought was that the counter for my flight was already closed. But as I found out later on, it was moved to 7AM. I was supposed to go solo flight but since my friends who have an 8AM flight arrived in the airport very early (impressive!), they were able to get in to the same flight as mine. So it was very sweet! Cos i dowana be alone.

ZestAir was on time. Would you believe?! And the plane was as good as new opposed to what I was expecting. And there were no hassles in mobile transfers from Caticlan airport until here, currently at the lobby of the Regency Hotel while waiting to be checked in.

This is what I was talking about! A welcome cocktail!

More updates soon!

***BTW, I am not promoting the Regency Boracay and the ZestAir.

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