College confusion

Poor guy, he doesn't knoe what college to go to.

I can reminisce the time when I also had to hop from one university to another just to be interviewed and to convince different panels on how qualified I was to their college. If I had to lie, Owell, I probably had. I can't even remember.

Thinking about it nao... it was easy. I swear it was. But during those times, college was a huge step for anyone who freshly graduated from the den of high school. Especially for me who came from the boondoks of the north. It sounds and feels so difficult during those times... Yeah, I remember I almost barfed when I was in one of the queues (jk).

Do you really believe I came from the boondoks? Hehehe... Hell no I did not. Besides, I don't think it's even totally necessary for me to tell you that.

Anyway, I can totally relate to my brother, but his applications and procedures are a lot harder nao cos there's even this classical piece thingie that he has to perform in one of his interviews. And besides, he's into a lot of things; one school he applied to music, another school to advertising, then to HRM. He also wants to be a chef, and I believe he's also planning to apply in PATTS for aeronautical engineering.

He's so diverse.

Gawd! But to be totally honest? Maybe the reason why I think it was a lot easier for me cos I knoe what I really wanted. Or maybe I am just a bore, that is why. I hope he figures it out soon.

Good Luck dude!

7 exams to go!

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