Examination period is relatively over. As much as I want to go out and celebrate, my body tells me otherwise. I am so weary, tired and sooo exhausted and lazy I can’t even manage to stand up, go to the toilet and pee when I need to. Would you believe I am currently wearing a cath?


Shifting and Final exams are over but on Friday, there’s this comprehensive 200-item, 4-hour exam I should take. But I may not take it if I want to. Some consider taking it as a freebie. Righty. A free 2-point or 1-point directly added into the final grade of all subjects is an absolute give away! Very cool huh? That is… if you are cool enough to remember recent and even previous topics, not to mention frosh subjects. So if one gets a 74 percent grade in Surgery class, in order to pass Surgery, at least he or she should get a 75 percent in compre exam to get plus 1.

Wish us all luck! Let’s make another plus points this year! Yey!

If my exams turn out well, I will be promoted as a medical clerk this coming April! Let’s all cross our fingers, a’right? But I deeply understand if you cannot cross your fingers due to arthritis. JK.

Clerkship! C’mon! X X X X…

But clerkship will surely make me miss a lot like these…

BTW! I just upgraded my Live Writer to the new Windows Live Writer 2009! Yey! Kewl kewl kewl! Sweet! It’s the sweetest I can’t help to mention it here. DL yours @ Windows Live Website!

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