New Cat in the house.

I am not getting a pussy- -cat. Not just because I currently can't get a dog, it doesn't mean I am resorting into getting a cat. Duh.

Cat means Category. I am talking about a new Category or Tag or whatever-you-call-it-classification in my blog. Soon, you will read a new kinda thing in my blog.

It will be classified / categorized or tagged under "BlueNotes".


Yes. BlueNotes is the term they use in the hospital wards pertaining to the patients' data since the start of their current hospital admission. Nurses popularly refer to these data as the Chart. It doesn't mean though that I am going to discuss here my hospital patients' lives and medical conditions. It's way too boring for me to do that, right?

This BlueNotes thingie will serve as a collection of stories about people I knoe or people I meet but I do not personally knoe who at some point sorta shared problems regarding anything, then / and I or ~we would try to discuss and manage these imminent problems as much as we can. So you might as well share your thoughts by giving out comments.

**However, the names of the so-called "patients" in this BlueNotes, some of the events and informations will require alterations and/or may not be shared at all to protect the "patient"'s identity. Heard of the doctor-patient confidentiality?


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tagabukid said...

hmmm...clerkship, blue notes...coincidence??? :)

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