Safety Issues...

The easiest and fastest way going to Boracay is to take a plane and land somewhere in Caticlan. Am I right?

Going to Caticlan narrowed our choices of airlines to take into SEAIR, InterIsland Airlines and Zest Air (formerly known as Asian Spirit).

We booked our flight to Zest Air not because according to them it's the "Asia's most refreshing airline" but because it is cheaper than the rest.

Since boredom whacked me hard last night, I checked infos about Zest Air. I was dumbfounded when I found out that the former Asian Spirit airline was tagged or labeled as "You are already a spirit once you reach your destination".

Oh okay, that was... funny.

They probably changed the name cos it's not true, right? Or maybe and probably... they already bought newer and safer fleets replacing the old and crappy ones...

I searched some reviews about this all-new Zest Air... Everything I read were okay... tolerable... no known or documented crashes yet or whatsoever. And I even found this picture!


An airbus. Hmmm... Sweet!

Not until I saw in pictures the exact plane that we are going to take. The smaller... and older... and look at those propellers... Are they fully functional?


Should I be scared nao?

It looks so... so vintage. Yikes.

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tagabukid said...

oh, i thought you were promoting the airline again hehe

Anonymous said...

they're using the smaller planes for caticlan flights cuz the runway can't accommodate bigger planes like the airbus. :)

Camille said...

oh wag ka na matakot.. hm.. bka d na ko makasama sa inyo

Anonymous said...

FighterPilot said...

Eto ang sabi ng iba:

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