Super or Suffer?

I don't want to suffer. And I believe neither do anyone. Who wants to suffer, right?

But then again, why do we still suffer? In my humble opinion, we are responsible on our own freaking sufferings. We let ourselves suffer if we let those sufferings come into our lives.


***The following quoted words were taken from our recent lecture in Bioethics.

Through suffering, we can comfort others.

How is this possible? I don't knoe. I pretty am sure though that those who experienced the same sufferings flock together. And a group of impaired individuals doesn't sound so comforting, right?

Can't we condole others without experiencing the same thing? I think that the above statement simply tells us that life isn't fair. That I can't be happy if you are not. It seems to me as well that comforting another person requires you to feel the same way that that person is feeling. Which I think is unfair. Does "I knoe how you feel" and "I've been through that" assertions make a suffering person feel better?

I don't think so. I believe that the most comforting thing a person can do is to understand.

Our suffering can manifest Christ's insufficiency.

When did Christ ever became insufficient? Christ is perfect. When I heard this statement in class, my immediate thought was that it was sooo wrong. I am not a very religious person but I was taught and I knew ever since I was a kid that only Christ in perfect. Nao, how come He's insufficient?

The next question would be, if God is insufficient then what is this insufficiency? What is this inadequacy that He left us behind? He gave us his Son to save us from all our sins. Imagine that. Saved us from all our sins. T'was not only sufficient, it is the greatest!

We should only believe.

Our suffering causes us to rely on God alone.

As Christians who believe in God, to whom should we really depend on? Owell. It's not supposed to be a question. It's pretty obvious. We should not have a choice but to rely on God. Alone. Anytime. Suffering is not a reason for us to turn ourselves into God.

Suffering encourages prayers and thanksgiving.

This is pretty much the same as the former. It could be right. Yes. Suffering can encourage a person to pray MORE. But it's just right for us to always pray, and not just pray whenever we suffer. And it shouldn't stop in praying, cos suffering will not go away without doing our part. We suffer, pray, then solve.

Suffering teaches us to claim the promises of God.

What is the promise of Christ? Heaven. Salvation. That He will soon come back and save us from all earthly wickedness. Kewl! How is this possible? How can we claim the promise of God? By accepting Jesus Christ as our savior. He cleansed our soul by washing away our sins. Our only duty is to believe in Him. That is how we can claim the promise of God. How simple is that?! Yet a lot are still confused and cannot follow.

Guys, I am not a religious person. I am no saint. I go to church and I had been to several other churches before. I just want to share the things that I think need explorations; clarifications of beliefs that are misunderstood by the many. I have my own faith and so do you. Your opinions are all welcome.

In summary, suffering is inevitable. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, it's still there. We do what is right, we still suffer; and that is if you let yourself suffer. It's ironic, but that's how it works. Suffering doesn't exist if we don't create sufferings. It is suspend-able. We may transiently succumb into it, but we can choose to let it stay or go away. We can definitely ask God to guide us and help us cope with these sufferings and pains in our lives but we still hold to a decision whether or not we want let go of these sufferings.

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wanderingcommuter said...

this made me think big time...

Anonymous said...

yung book ata is 'the healing touch of jesus' on 'why christians suffer?' na pang high school catechism? kung yon nga yon i'm 110% sure somebody, got the line wrong, somewhere, about suffering can manifest christ's INsufficiency. the correct text should be affirmative, sufficiency.

and on comforting others, sympathy is different from empathy. human understanding or appreciation always fall short of god's encompassing comfort. we cannot give what we don't have. we cannot rightfully lead someone to the comforting love of god if we have not experienced how to get there ourselves.

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