Where is the passion?

Rumor has it. LeBron considered moving next season to Knicks?!

I am not really a sports aficionado. Sports for me is like a vanilla ice cream; nothing special and not really a big fan. Except! There is an exception. Except when it comes to LeBron James, Andy Roddick and of course my so-so sport Table Tennis.

The Cavs is pretty much gaining the crowd’s interest this year. Last year was owell, a tough game against the Celtics in reaching the finals against the oh-so-overrated Lakers. This season, Mo and LeBron are doing a great job even if Ben Wallace was injured (Is he okay nao? I have no updates about him). So I think this year, Cavs will rule over the Eastern Conference. Boohoo to Bostons. Haha.

But what made me sad though is the fact that the American Basketball’s already too commercialized. It revolves around money and fame and not about the game; the passion of playing basketball and the nobility the players gain for their own city or state when they win.

Take for example James. He is the only basketball player I’ve ever paid attention to. Not just because he’s an oh-so-great player. Yes he is really great; better than Koby, I think. But also, he’s playing for the team where he really grew up and developed his skills and talents. He’s actually from Akron but of course Akron doesn’t have an NBA team, right? He’s playing for the Cavs. And it’s sooo apparent that in every game he plays, he’s really into it. He has this enthusiasm-look in his face which tells us that he loves and is really into basketball.

But there’s a rumor about him moving to NY Knicks cos he got a better offer. Bigger money that is. And he actually considered taking it.

Isn’t it sad how sports nowadays is not about giving honors to the team where you really belong but because of money? To be totally honest, Knicks is not even a good team. I mean, what will he get when he moves to NY? It would have better if he’s moving into a better basketball team cos he wants to transcend or something like that. But no. He considered moving to NY cos of the money. It doesn’t matter how bad the team is, as long as the offer is big.

But money is really big in Bball, as well in many other types of sports. When we see the riches of Manny Pacquiao and the glam lives of NBA superstars, I cannot erase thinking about maybe I am actually in a wrong career path. ROFL.


But LeBron is not moving. According to my current readings, he’s not. He’s staying in Cavs. Yey! I hope that he realized and that other professional sports players out there should also realize that sports is not all about the moolah and the rocks that comes with it, but it should be about being passionate about the sports that you play with. Passionate in a sense of doing it because you like it, you are happy about it and you are proud of it. For LeBron, proud of the team who made him what he is now.

I knoe he still loves his team. My kudos is still to Lebron! Yey!

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