Bora Cinco – Extremes and Parfait

As of this typing, I am back in the surreal world of Manila. Since I wasn’t able to real-time update you guys about the trip in spite of me bringing the lappie, let me make a continuum of that.

I definitely wanted to make updates as frequent as possible but since Boracay is just oh-so good, I cannot manage to stay long enough in the hotel room to type and give updates so often.

On our second day, we tried almost all the activities in the island from the most lax to the most extreme. At 10:30 in the morning we were all in our ATVs up to Mount Luho. The scenery was outstanding and the summer breeze felt so good in the skin. What’s more fun than 12 friends racing their ATVs e? Some of us even lost tracks, bumped at the rears, thongs slipped, and almost thrown out of the seats. ROFL. And we ate dusts. LOL.


After the visit in Mount Luho, we headed to our free lunch. At siesta, I sunbathed in the beach front while the others slept their asses off in their respective rooms. So my bestfriends during those idle times were G.G. Marquez and my iPod… And the beach of course. I lurv the water in Bora.

Jet Skiing is where I enjoyed the most. It was scary and fun all at the same time cos at that moment, the waves were questionably and enormously higher than the usual bora-waves… so when we tried to go against it in like really fast speed, it felt like the jetski would skid or something like that. But nothing bad really happened. Which is a good thing, right?

Banana Boat and Fly Fish were our next activities. D*mn, I was too tired though after the Banana Boat ride so I skipped the Fly Fish which was based on my observation, way too “funner” than the Banana Boat. Over-all? 5-stars!

Camille’s dad invited us over in their condo unit in Station 1 after our adrenalin-filled day. Of course there were food and food and food and beers. And videoke on a projected screen. In the condo’s roof-top. It was so luxurious knowing that the Zobel-Ayalas and the Conjuancos also own houses within the area. Do you want to own a condo unit in Station 1? Beep me.

Back in the hotel room, we had never-ending desserts then I received this message…


There I came to realize that it was our last night in the island.

Then there came the barfing. Which made it perfect. ROFL.

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tagabukid said...

sulit na deserved it dak. now back to 'fantasy' world? hehe

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