Clerkship Madness

Apparently, I am too busy to blog. If you’ve been following my blog ever since i-dunno-when-probably-ages, you likely knoe that I am currently assigned in the OB department. I knoe, right? That is, 2 months of speculum exams, IEs, NSDs, CSs, labor watchings, and everything else.

It sounds fun, right? But as of this moment, I feel so lame and practically stupid in every aspect. As if I didn’t study for 3 years in med school. And I am still not enjoying the job. There are still a lot of things that I really don’t knoe especially the department’s SOPs.

Let’s wait… Give me more time. Hopefully soon, OB’s no sweat at all.

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tagabukid said...

good luck, dak

my-so-called-Quest said...

kaya mo yan dak! madami pang departments! hehehe.

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