Ebai’s Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass according to “ate” who extracted the gooey wheatgrass juice is high in anti-oxidants which can help prevent cancer. Wow! Howkay… And weekly, my dad would always drop by the store just to order a glass of the greenish and weird looking juice. That’s how I got to knoe about it and he told me to try it. So today, I said yes! It’s time to try.

It’s not something that’s gonna kill me, so go!


According to my mom, the juice is also offered in Salcedo Market and was recently featured in the TV but in Salcedo Market, it’s a shot glass per order. However, in Ebai’s, an order of this wheatgrass juice is one glassful size.


It was said that there are 10 reasons why wheatgrass juice rejuvenates and is good for our body. It’s bcos…

  1. It is a life-sustaining complete food
  2. Rich in chlorophyll
  3. Loaded with antioxidant
  4. Stimulates the cellular repair and renewal
  5. Helps prevent cancer
  6. Assists in wound healing
  7. Good for internal cleansing
  8. Has potent anti-inflammatory action
  9. Good for deodorizer
  10. Great alkaline food


So there you go! Better than glutathione… I suppose.

It actually looks gross, smells like the usual wild grass, and tastes like a pureed vegetable, a little bitter. Just drink it straight non-stop, until the bottom’s up. Easy, right?

Ebai’s Cafe and Pastries in Baguio City is located near the Narda’s Weaving Arts Crafts and Antiques that sells quality souvenir and Pasalubong items.

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