Spending Wisely

This blog is not dead. Neither is the author. I am just prioritizing what are the most important and is spending my time wisely and in the best possible way.

Well, as some of you might already knoe, I am nearing to become a lifeless medical clerk. Did you knoe that medical clerks are the lowest life-form in terms of hierarchy of practitioners inside the hospital? In other words, medical clerks are slaves. So it just makes sense why I am not sooo excited about it, besides I already had my own share of toxic hospital experiences way back during MedTech internship.

And yes, we were only given 2 weeks to enjoy, relax and unwind before finally start hitting the hot, crowded and depressing wards. I cannot just waste this precious 2-week, right? So i made it to a point that I spend it in good quality with family and friends.

After the grossly fun and exciting trip to Boracay with friends in med school, I made sure that I spend the rest of my remaining free time with family and other friends. Talk about almost everyday trips and parties, e?

Friends in Pangasinan arranged some videoke night ala “inuman” with my dad, mom and siblings. What made it even more exciting was when dad offered the recently acquired indoor projector to be used as our videoke screen! Coolness! Even the myopics can surely read the lyrics!

Siblings and I watched our favorite movies that we DLed long before vacation started in a cinema-like screen with matching digital sound-surround. My room which became a pseudo-stockroom was nao converted into a micro-theater. Dad’s precious Boss double cubes and subwoofer were taken out of their boxes and wired up. I think he kinda liked what we did tho.

Mom arranged a trip to Subic. It was kinda “bitin” though cos the traffic going to Subic via SCTEX was sooo heavy and long and pathetic. It was terrible! The activities that should have done and enjoyed were wasted just sitting and iPod-ing in the car with a traffic that’s slowly moving like we were in a funeral service or some sorta like that. But Subic was awesome. It’s been a long time since the last time, I barely remembered the place.

In Subic, I happen to experience for the very first time go karting and also to witness numerous people do self-mortification. Our car ended up like a Dalmatian due to constant splashing and splattering of fake blood.

Bataan Map

Luckily, we successfully convinced dad that we further extend our Subic trip to Bataan and to finally visit Corregidor. So when I told him that I will drive, in no further ado's and more blah blahs and persuasions, he finally gave in. The trip was uber fun cos it pretty much came out as if it was a very spontaneous trip of some kind of a lunatic family. Imagine me driving and finding our way out of Subic going to Mariveles, Bataan with just a road map… and we didn’t even have any hotel reservations. Luckily, it turned out well and sound. Much better I guess cos we kinda accidentally found relatives(?). According to dad we were related. ROFL. But I was a little confused on how we actually were.

I had a great time in Corregidor Island. It was so historical and I learned a lot from our tour guide. Or maybe the real reason behind the enjoyment of knoeing facts about our history is that I didn’t like history at all especially when I was much younger. I actually felt so ignorant and stupid because my siblings knoe their history so much that they were able to relate well with what the guide were saying. I’m such a bajigiddy.


The family trip ended in Manila. What is my parents asked me to go straight to Trinoma mall right before I exit the NLEX?! I suppose, they knoe for a fact that Manilenyos are out to different vacation spots so the mall is almost empty. Brilliant idea to shop!

The remaining days include meeting friends, friends and more friends. I am free until Wednesday. That means, you can ask me to meet you up until Wednesday only. Hehehe.

That’s all for nao.

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Ely said...

I have the same comment about corregidor. Very historical indeed. Too bad, it isn't a very affordable place for young kids to visit.

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