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UST’s been my home for almost 8 years nao yet to be totally honest, I don’t knoe how to sing the university’s hymn. LOL. I was actually shocked when we sang it before the Grand Conference last week wherein rare and interesting cases in the ward are presented to the department of OB-Gyn, and us medical clerks, as we present our cases, are confronted with questions of increasing difficulty until we cannot answer further.

Nao, we are tasked by the department to knoe the hymn by heart. Cos apparently, every Grand Conference starts with the pontifical university’s song.

God of all Nations
Merciful Lord of our Restless Being
Sweep with your Golden Lilies
This Fountain of Purest Light

Trace with the Sails of the Galleons
The Dream Beyond our Seeing
Touch with the Flames of your Kindness
The Gloom of our Darkest Night

Keep us in Beauty
And Truth and Virtues Impassioned Embrace
Ever your Valiant Legions
Imbued with Unending Grace.

Well actually, the last conference made me realize that there are a lot of tone-deaf physicians. LOL.

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tagabukid said...

ako nga may kinompows (adaptation actually given ang tempo) na corporate hymn para sa isang pre-need company dati pero di ko na alam kantahin.

RJ Naguit said...

haha.. marami ring nurses ang ganyan, dont worry. =))

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