The CI and the BS.

Today, a nursing student (let’s call him BS as in you knoe what I mean) annoyed and insulted me! As in!!! His CI (as in clinical instructor) confronted me and accused me of telling BS that the patient we were keeping under observation was complaining about incessantly monitoring her BP. All the accusations were totally wrong! In so many aspects. Why?

First of all, we usually don’t talk to nursing students especially those who came from other schools. I personally just don’t like them. They aren’t friendly, they don’t smile, and they don’t greet doctors like us more so the residents and consultants. So apparently, they’re sleazy… and boring… and sad. Sorry for the inapt use of words, but I think for nao, it’s just appropriate.

Anyway, a while ago, I approached BS who is just wandering around the ward doing nothing and asked him who among them is assigned in monitoring my patient. I told him that I missed to measure my patient’s urine output because I just had my practical exam and then when I checked it a few minutes past the time when I should have checked the urine volume, the catheter bag is already empty assuming that someone already measured and drained it.

Anyway, my patient is not in serious threat or danger but her urine output during that time is becoming low and a little questionable.

BS told me that the nursing student assigned to my patient is not currently around so I instead requested him to tell his classmate who is assigned to my patient to inform me if he was the one who measured and drained the patient’s urine. Then I saw that they were as well measuring the patient’s vital signs like the blood pressure (BP), temperature and et cetera. Since my 2 previous hours of monitoring, my patient is always busy nursing her baby, so I asked him if the vital signs were stable. Then I mentioned

Kung naunahan ninyo ako na kuhanan ang patient ng vitals, pwede bang kunin ko na lang yung nakuha ninyo kasi “baka” magreklamo yung patient na minsan dalawa o tatlo kada oras sya minomonitor ng iba’t ibang tao. Tapos bigay ko na din sa iyo yung nakuha ko pag nauna naman ako.

He agreed. And so I returned to the clerk’s room.

After a few minutes, BS’s CI stormily entered our turf and asked me if the patient was really complaining about being monitored several times in an hour. Because according to her, she never received any complaint from the patient that she was being monitored a hundred million times. The tone of her voice was kind of insulting and strong. It seems to me that she’s accusing me of telling them something which is not true, which in real case, is the other way around. I was like…

No? What are you talking about?! Did I say she was complaining?

Of course that didn’t come out of my mouth.

Hah? Hindi po nagcocomplain ang patient. Ang real query ko po ay yung sa urine output ng patient. Tapos nakita ko po na nagmomonitor din ang mga nursing students ng vitals ng patient e sinabi ko po na pag nakuhanan na ng kahit sino sa amin, e wag na po ulitin kasi “baka” magcomplain yung patient…

Then she said some more things almost yelling and repeatedly saying that the patient is not complaining being monitored, blah blah blahs…

And if so the patient complains of being monitored several times in just a span of an hour, I would definitely understand the patient. The patient just gave birth, still in pain and needs to rest and relax. How can she probably rest when she’s being monitored several times in an hour, right?

But the patient as I have said is not complaining!

It’s in what we as clerks’ things to do that if the patient has been subsequently stable for the previous monitorings and in for example the patient during the next monitoring is sleeping, eating or breastfeeding, then as compassionate individuals we don’t interrupt, instead just take the patient’s vital signs upon waking up, after eating, or after breastfeeding. I don’t think they kind of get my point.

They should have understood me at that point for they are nurses. Nurses are supposed to take good care and look after the patients. They should make them comfortable and make their hospital stay as contented as possible.

In my understanding, patients in the hospital are sick or are in the hospital due to some sort of medical procedures or problems. And hospital stays aren’t supposed to be that hassling and uncomfortable. As much as possible even in teaching hospitals such as in UST-CD, patients shouldn’t be monitored (vitals signs) every hour by 3 different healthcare professionals which in our case, we the medical clerks, the nurses and these “nursing students”.

I suppose that even if only one of us took the vital signs of the patient in that particular time of monitoring, the management and care would be just the same. It will definitely give us only one and the same result, right?

What made me so irate is the fact that the nursing student whom I asked so dearly and politely, told his CI about my query with such wrong information. I don’t kind of get why he didn’t even get my point. It was so pointed out clearly. A co-clerk even have heard me asking the favor to BS for I think she was intrigued why I was even talking to him in the first place and yet he made things so complicated. I was being accused of making up stories that the patient was complaining, yet is actually not.


Not my day. I swear. I nao hate those batches of nursing students and their CI. I don’t even knoe which school they are from. I dowana label them as sleazy but I swear, I was offended and petrified. The CI should have asked first what really happened, and not immediately confronted and accused me in front of the medical staff the things I didn’t do. It was so wrong.

I hope nurses and especially future nurses who read this will get my point.

Oh, I still love cool nurses tho. BTW, our nurses in the OB ward are sooo cool and kind.

Buti na lang!

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Anonymous said...

When I was still a student, I made it to a point to never, as in never annoy/irritate doctors of all sorts (interns, residents, consultants). In as much as possible, I befriend them to make things breezy. Plus I get ohhh lalala mood every time doctors (esp the good looking ones hahaha) ramp their way around the hospital,perhaps that's the reason why I'm such a Miss Prim and Proper to them.

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