Not the usual shopping that we knoe; not the one that we enjoy excessively makes Henry Sy just can’t stop building malls.

The last time I was on duty, I experienced shopping… for medical supplies that is… in other service wards. Cos a patient cannot afford the things she need for her operation.

She cannot provide a blood reservation for herself, can’t have herself tested for her clotting and bleeding parameters, and she can’t even buy a macroset which is an infusion set for her IV fluids. To be totally honest? I felt like am such a good person not to mention a very hospitable medical clerk that i had to go to the other hospital, visit every ward and beg for medical supplies.

Owell, it was a very remarkable experience. I honestly have mixed feelings.

First, I felt sad for the patient cos she can’t afford the medical supplies for her treatment. Well, that’s supposed to be the reason why she is in the charity or clinical division of the UST hospital, right? However, even if it’s a charity hospital, the only free thing a patient can get is the service from the doctors, the so called PF or professional fee, and she still has to pay for a little lesser than usual the medical supplies and other hospital expenses.

What irate me is the fact that her case is not an emergency case. She admitted herself for an elective surgery and I suppose she had prepared for the possible expenses before she let herself be admitted. We always tell our patients the amount of money they should prepare for an elective surgery so, lack of monetary fund is not really an excuse.

I can understand if it was an emergency case, but an elective surgery? I don’t think so.

When I was in obstetrics, we always hear patients and their husbands giving us an excuse why they cannot afford to be admitted, or a lab test, or a particular drug for example. Pregnancy is a 9-month process. It is not supposed to be an emergency case once the patient experienced signs and symptoms of labor and immediately rushed to the hospital. They should have prepared in 9 months the money that they will need for hospitalization. Really.

So apparently, a lot of Filipinos don’t prioritize health in their basic needs. We encounter a lot of charity patients tell us that they cannot afford “this” and “that” medical or surgical treatment but we see them and all their relatives, each having a better-than-mine cellular phones. Did you get the point?


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angeltm said...

wait til you go to Fabella... when you're in the OPD doing your interview, 99% of them are unemployed... sigi, patawad, 95%.. sometime after doing a couple of interviews, i almost write down unemployed even before the mom answers... then i go "nakaipon ka na ba?, o bakit naman, eh, walong buwan ka na buntis...dapat nga nag-ipon muna bago nagbuntis eh. sigi, mag-ipon ka na"... hehe, parang si dra lee ang dating.

"eh anong trabaho ng mister mo, eh, wala rin po eh, ayaw po namen sa isat isa"... what the ..

hsmcd said...

wow~is this blogger's theme? i love your design so much!!!cool buddy

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