McDreamy and McSteamy rotation

Did you knoe that I’ll be rotating in Plastic and Neuro Surgery starting tomorrow for 10 freaking days?! I am too excited I dunno how to elaborate what I am currently feeling. Just a while ago, a new patient was endorsed to me, a little boring actually. Her OR will be tomorrow at 10. She has hemangioma awaiting to be excised.


Well, I want something a little more exciting like boring holes through skulls and using scopes to do microsurgeries.

Right? Right? That would be very sweet!

I actually don’t knoe why they have to fuse these two surgical subspecs in one rotation.

Neuro and plastics?

I knoe, right?

Reminds you of McDreamy and McSteamy?

Well, that’s what I am feeling right nao… ROFL. Kid.

Well, as of nao, I have a urology patient and a pedia-surg patient (on pink post-its) ready to be endorsed as I leave the department.


And 2 patients to welcome, a neuro-surg case (on green post-it) and a referral (white post-it).

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jonathan said...

I saw the blog entry and was wondering as to what it was. I have this great fascination to Grey's Anatomy and I am envious you're living it. Good luck!

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