My name defines toxicity. Yes, I attract toxic patients. And every duty that I’ve been through, it’s always toxic. Without fail.

Take for example my current patient, a 70 year old female diagnosed with subarachnoid hemorrhage, in other words, stroke. I had experienced monitoring her on her bedside every 15 minutes for 4 hours because she’s GCS7 E1V1M5, meaning she had no eye opening, no verbal response and she just moves on painful stimulation. Technically, she’s supposed to be already hooked with a tube down to her lungs, but iont think she was actually intubatable cos she’s still breathing by herself and not in distress. Well, so she was not.

The good thing is, she’s okay nao, not really okay-okay, but a lot better than GCS7. She’s nao GCS13, concious, a little lethargic but sometimes still confused or silent.

Last duty, I admitted another patient with the same diagnosis. She came from the Pay or the UST private hospital transferred to the clinical division or the “charity hospital” due to i-dunno-why, probably financial crisis… and the relatives kinda freaked out when they saw how the Clinical Division wards look like. I even overheard a relative said,

Aren’t we gonna get Dengue fever in here?

Duh! Freak!

What does she think of patients who cannot afford private rooms? Aedes mosquitos?! LOL. Luckily, the patient wasn’t admitted in our service. I just can imagine the things they will probably demand from the clerks.

Tomorrow will be my last duty day in neuro and plastic surgery. I hope it will be fine. For good.

No toxic patients!!! (crossing fingers)

BTW, I would like to congratulate my brother who just passed the recent pharmacy boards. Yey! I can very much relate. I can reminisce the time when I was in his place, waiting for the result. It was grievous! But the sublime feeling of passing the exam was ecstatic. Euphoric. Better than a 4-hr long of hot foreplay. Orgasmic?! ROFL.

Well, at least it’s not a month-long wait, right? right? That’s gonna kill me I swear. LOL.

Bye for nao. (Keep your fingers crossed!)

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