Let’s talk about benignity

God bless me.

This is probably the most benign rotation in surgery, EVER. I am currently rotating in TCVS (Thoraco-cardiovascular surgery) and Orthopedic surgery. This rotation makes me feel like there’s really life besides going on duty; to just sit inside our quarters, do nothing but stare at each other, wait for the duty end, play Plants vs. Zombies, check Facebook updates, monitor patients in the ward every 4 hours and as my last resort to read books when all else fail to keep me lively.

This is what I’ve been waiting for, a period to breathe and to repose, to think and realize that I also have my own life that I should also take care of.

Since clerkship started, all I did is to think about patients. Even when I knoe that I am already away from the hospital premises, I bring parts of my patients with me back home… Not their body parts of course but the numerous papers to be filled up and medical abstracts to be clearly narrated. Also, we are responsible and must read articles and matters regarding their cases and ORs to be done.

Is this how doctors really live?

I seldom see my family nao, I forget to clip my fingernails and toenails, I haven’t had a drink for ages already, I barely see my non-med very close friends, I can’t find time to jog nor do crunches in my room, I sometimes even forget to finish my cereals or finish my cup of coffee in the morning.


So in times like this, let me enjoy. I currently don’t have a patient. We have patients but I don’t have my “own” patient.

Did you get the point?

But sooner or later, I knoe patients need me. They need my help; my knowledge and skills… In short, I knoe I will be back to patient care.

Owell, cheers!

I nao can say that being a doctor is the most noble profession in this world. I am nao experiencing the load of work to handle; the number of patients that must be treated whatever the case may be and whenever time they arrive in the ER; the amount of hours in the OR standing, I’m telling you it’s tormenting; the rush we feel when we sense a patient is about to “code”, and what more when the patient is already “coding”!

Seriously, I must enjoy. Nao.

Then I’ll  see you after I finish General Surgery, Trauma and ER surgery.

I knoe there’s a storm coming ahead.

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