Sunken & Soaked?



For real?!


This was the UST Hospital Lobby, last night.


Awesome? Awful? Or Awkward?

Go figure!

Here’s the view from the outside:


I was not personally in here, luckily, cos I was in a “From Duty” status. And I wasn’t able to go back to the apartment last night cos the rain was crazy as hell. Well, I found out this morning that the water almost went inside 6211!!! Would you believe?!

And it doesn't even flood in our street, Never! Ever! Not until last night!

And our unit is in the first floor! Owell. Should I be scared now?

So, I did not take these pictures.

Thanks to Melai Camua for the awesome (well, for me they are) pictures!!! I hope she didn’t get Leptospirosis.

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wanderingcommuter said...

natatakot ako kapag baha sa espana, iniisip ko yung mga nagtatago at di nakikitang mga manholes!

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