Congratulations, Tita Cory!

Well, you might wonder and say,

What the hell are you talking about?!

Yes, I congratulate Tita Cory not because of the fact that she just died. That would be very mean and imbecilic of me.

We congratulate people when they accomplish something in their lives, right? Well, as we all knoe, she is a super woman. She accomplished a lot in her life; being a good mom to her children, being a mass leader against those who were corrupted, fought against a dictator, led our country to restore its vivacity pre-martial law, and coped with colon malignancy. These were all that I can think of nao but I knoe there are more than what I’ve mentioned.

Like for example being someone’s bestest friend? I just don’t knoe.


She lived her life. Beat that!

She had so much burden yet she’s such a great person. She deserves to graduate from this life where everything is unfair and go to somewhere where she doesn’t have to think of any more burden, right?

Again, congratulations!

I knoe this entry might be a little esoteric. But I think Tita Cory is very happy nao. Seriously.

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Camille said...

plus, she was also a painter! :) i never thought how great and nice a person she was. naiyak ako sa sinabi ni cris.. i dunno why it's like that, we appreciate the person when he/she's gone already. anyways congratulations! a life well lived indeed!

Anonymous said...

hi kuya james
doesnt she look like lola mommy?

anyways how are you?


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