Er, our last 10 days in surgery department deal with emergency cases and out-patient care which more or less involves minor surgeries, ambubag-ing, chest compressions, STAT referrals, ABCs and other technical instrumentalities.

Saying goodbye to the ward for the meantime is a little less sad than the goodbyes that we use to knoe. ER patients once admitted will be transferred to their rooms and being handled by those in the wards, and if patients refuse admission, then we let them go home. That’s the sole point of the ER, we only let patient stay in the ER when the patient is in need of emergency treatment and unstable in need of immediate care.

ER day 1


6:51AM, just as I arrived in the ER…


3:17PM, patients coming in. Non-stop.


6:42PM, ER beds were all occupied.


6:22AM, the following day…

OPD later, to do minor surgeries. (with matching dark eye-bags)

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lucas said...

wow..toxic ka doc... ehehe! ER at OR ang gusto kong area...

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