Just when I thought…

I am going to spend my 5th year in my journey through medical education in somewhere but here, I just realized I will not. I think I will be stuck in the University to which I spent my 8 years already.

Initially, my thoughts were heading somewhere like Baguio City. Baguio General Hospital was my first choice of hospital. The pros? First of all I think my parents are currently in the empty nest syndrome stage, and it’s a little saddening. I knoe it’s a normal stage in people’s lives but what the heck, right? If I can make it a little easier for them, then let me do it. This year, another brother has to be here in Manila as well to take a college degree. What’s left to my parents in the province is my little sister who is currently in her 5th year in primary education.

That being said, I want to at least spend a year somewhere near the province where I grew up and was raised decently by mom and dad. Baguio City is an hour or less drive from my hometown which is “I knoe, right?” very cool. And since I think I already cannot live for a long time in a place where dependable and conventional bars and restos don’t reside, Baguio is the closest thing to Manila in the north.

Baguio General Hospital is a public hospital and I believe I will learn a lot in there, I will probably improve my skills like doing minor procedures. But in that case, it will force me to study on my own because it’s not a teaching hospital.

Another good point of spending a year in Baguio is the weather. I can probably wear long sleeve shirts everyday at work without me looking so stupid cos of the appropriateness to the cold environment. Variation of outfits will surely make me enjoy going to work, unlike just the usual uniformity of white top crested by a short-sleeve white coat that interns wear in our hospital.

While in Psychiatry, I met a doctor who just came back from the US to fill in the required rotations he didn’t have while still here in the Philippines.

I am planning ardent about taking the USMLE once I am done with the local boards. Yes earthlings, I plan to work across the globe but not necessarily in the US. I’d love to go out and explore.

I found out from him that there are US states requiring residency applicants to have internship program from a teaching hospital. That alone, devastated me. Not just that, they require a month long rotation in Psychiatry and only UST hospital have a rotation in psychiatry during internship.

I thought I will be gone in this institution and will be in somewhere else, then I guess I’ll be staying for yet another year.

Where are these teaching hospitals anyway?

PGH? UST? Where else?

FEU, UE, SLU, Fatima, St. Luke’s, MCU?

These teaching hospitals love their own products. Besides, who would be in his/her right mind would risk working in a place where you would technically feel alone, cos surely for them you came from somewhere foreign; like an alien, definitely.

So do I have a choice? NONE. Will jot down in the form…

It’s a little sad but whatever.

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Camille said...

DOH!! and makati med or cardinal

angeltm said...

DOH =)

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