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Today is not mothers’ day but I feel like writing something about my mom, so here it is.

Mom is like me, we have a lot of things in common. If I were a girl, I’ll be her; a lot younger her, of course. ROFL.

Anyway, yes, we have a lot of things in common. That bond us.

First of all, I look just like her.


If I were to remove my Wayfarer, or if mom would wear the MJ sunglasses I gave her, you can really say that I am apparently, really her son; and she is obviously my biological mom. No more questions asked, e?

Not convinced?

Well at least say we’re related, aryt? Haha.

But she’ll be happy if you’d tell her,

Oh, I though he is your younger older brother.

Like she’s my twin sister. Or some sorta like that. ROFL. Unfur! Hahaha…

Second commonality, we share the same activities that please us most.

Evidence one, all her children but me or… let me just say all my siblings hate shopping. I am her only child who enjoys walking the entire day inside the mall, and even hop from one mall to another, to just shop and look for even unnecessary stuff. This actually made us a lot closer, like having a mutual relationship. Cos since my dad also hates shopping, she benefits on me by letting me drive her to the mall, and I benefit on her for buying me stuff. Haha.

Evidence two, we both love to talk, and I really thank God cos I got that special talent from her since I think I easily get the trust and confidence of patients because of that, through being a talker. As in a looot. Doing my rounds take me hours, longer than the others cos I dunno, I just talk a lot.

Evidence three? We both love to go places we’ve never been before, or just go somewhere beyond the premises of the house. We are extroverts, per se. We love to eat outside, try new thing. If only we are millionaires or even billionaires, we probably have traveled the entire world. That, so to speak will probably be the luxury I will give mom once she’s over her responsibilities to us.

Evidence four? Coffee for both of us is pleasure, it is lurv. The best-est. I even knoe her fave Sbux beverage, hmmm this: a “Venti, hot, 2% mocha, no whip, with 2 packets of Splenda”. Cos if we don’t get a fix, we get a headache, worse than migraine, even just for a day without gulping caffeinated beverage. Imagine that.

Fifth evidence is, we share the same likeness in terms of books to read, music to listen and movies to watch. We both love Kane & Abel, we’re not bias to the type of music that we hear as long as it’s cool; from Earth, Wind & Fire to Lady GaGa, and we enjoyed movies like My Bestfriend’s Wedding and Kramer vs. Kramer.

We are that close!

That we also have to update  each other over our phones, sometimes even everyday if I am not that busy.

Isusubo ko na, ipapakain ko pa sa inyo.

That’s what I always hear from mom. And it silences us all.

She will provide everything we need as long as she has the means. Not only that, she’s the person through which everything make sense.

Whatever the problem is or even whoever the problem might be, rest assured,  mom will solve ‘em. She is a superwoman.

Cause she’s a Superwoman
Yes she is
Even when she’s a mess
She still put on a vest
With an S on her chest
She’s a Superwoman

I can literally tell everything to her. I mean, of course not all of ‘em and technically not all the time but well, most of the time she’s the only person I can talk to. Seriously.

Well, today ain’t mother’s day but last Thursday was her special day.

*was supposed to post this last week but since I was too busy, I failed.

Belated Happy birthday mom!

Happy birthday to the bestest mom in the world!

Thanks for everything.

See you soon!

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