The Colorful Stripes

Anything Paul or Marc is nice. Fashion is not really my thing but like I said, anything from Paul and Marc is nice.

Whoever gets this PS mailman’s bag for me this coming Christmas will get a kiss. Or more than a kiss, if that’s the case. ROFL.


Seriously! I want the bag. Look at the Mini Cooper! It’s so PS!!! Is there even such a car?!


5days to go, done being a HOR. Hey Cardiology!
5days to go, written revalida.
15days to go, I’m done with IM.
25days to go before Christmas.

Wish us all luck and I hope everyone will be happy this coming Holidays.

Packing for Granny

I was able to get a Sunday off to attend granny’s funeral in the province. It would be hassling I know but that’s what we Filipinos do to pay respect and say goodbye to our loved-ones who crossed life’s finish line first.

It will not be an excused absence at work. I will have to make up on it after the Medicine rotation. But then so what? I love this rotation so I definitely don’t really care at all.

Not until…

I think 6 new messages were in my phone this morning and one of ‘em is a bad news: a departmental test on Sunday. Howell, I’ll just ask the resident-in-charge on how I could possibly take the exam on some other day. It will make a way. Promise.

Anyhow, since Hillary Clinton is in UST right nao for a “historic visit” whatever, the Univ is closed this morning and only the duty doctors are asked to go to work; nao I have enough to time to pack my things up so that I could leave early tomorrow afternoon.

And I want to wear something black on Sunday. But mom gave me a ring the other day and asked me about what I would be wearing on Sunday.

I said,

What do you care about?

Haha. Just kidding. I said,

I plan to wear the black polo shirt that I got a few months back.

She said that I should wear white cos they would all be wearing white.


What’s the point of wearing otherwise? Can I not fit in “the crowd” if I wear black? Besides, black is sexy. Haha.

And I don’t want to wear white… For nao. Due to lotsa fair reasons. First of all, I wear all white at all times. At work. And I decided not to on my granny’s funeral.

Second, I don’t look good on white. Not that I look fatter or weirder. It’s just that I don’t look good on white. Or I feel like I don’t but I actually look good. Haha. Idk.

Third, I don’t have anything cool-pure-white. You know, the cool kind of white tops. I have several whites tho, my uniforms, my scrubs, my regular shirts, and my two pairs of underwear. But those are not qualified burial attires, right? And puhleez! Don’t make me shop for a white top before the funeral. That’s crazy.

But it’s a lot more fun to pack than to unpack, right?

Anyhow, I decided that I will be bringing both, instead. A black and a white. Nothing elegant tho, just casual or semi-F. And the white top that I will be bringing is a white-stripes. Howkay, how can a white stripe?

Go figure.

And that also lead me to think that if I will be bringing two shirts of two extremely-different tones or shades, whatev… I would also have to bring two different shades of pants.

And that would also mean, two pairs of shoes?!



The point is, I should stop obsessing about this non-sensible problem I am actually creating. I should not be stressing out too much into what I will be wearing. Whatever. Lola will definitely be happy cos I will be there, right?

No matter what I will be wearing.

TBH? I am so stressed to handle more stressors in life; just let it be.


REM or rapid eye movement sleep accounts for 20%–25% of total sleep time in most human adults. Most memorable dreaming occurs in this stage manifested with muscle paralysis necessary to protect us from self-damage through physically acting out scenes from the often-vivid dreams that occur during REM.


When tired, we sleep on it.

When mad, we sleep on it.

When emotionally depressed, we sleep on it; but then we wake up early.

When mentally fatigued, we sleep on it.

When sleep deprived, we sleep on it.

When bored, we usually sleep on it.

To some when hungry, they sleep on it.

Also when we eat a lot, we sleep on it.

These things being said… I therefore conclude, I am oversleeping.

I’ve been dreaming a lot, lately…

The Doctor in Me

Yesterday, I went to see granny in the ICU.

The way I acted. Shameful.

I wore the gown, took my shoes off, and slipped on their cheap rubber slippers.

When I got in, I went straight to her bed, inspected her. GCS 5 with signs of uremia and fluid overload. There were 3 bags of fluid hanging behind her bed.

I checked her VS list, stable.

Checked her cardiac monitor, with occasional irregular rhythms. 99% O2 sat.

Went over the respirator, FiO2 of 32, RR of 24.

Her urine bag was empty. According to the nurse, she’s been anuric for days despite the furosemide. Subsequently, she started blabbering about my granny’s course in the ICU.

I moved over to granny’s right side, held her hand and said

Lola, si James po to.

She’s trying to open her eyes. I knew it was difficult for her. It did open for a sec. Maybe she was just trying to confirm if it was really me. I really don’t knoe.

Then there she goes again, unresponsive.

I was back to the nurse,

What’s her dialysis schedule?


Ion’t think Lola liked the way I acted in her ICU.