The Colorful Stripes

Anything Paul or Marc is nice. Fashion is not really my thing but like I said, anything from Paul and Marc is nice.

Whoever gets this PS mailman’s bag for me this coming Christmas will get a kiss. Or more than a kiss, if that’s the case. ROFL.


Seriously! I want the bag. Look at the Mini Cooper! It’s so PS!!! Is there even such a car?!


5days to go, done being a HOR. Hey Cardiology!
5days to go, written revalida.
15days to go, I’m done with IM.
25days to go before Christmas.

Wish us all luck and I hope everyone will be happy this coming Holidays.

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Chyng said...

Ganda nga! I want one too!

dak said...

guess how much it costs chyng! ROFL.

wanderingcommuter said...

anong PS?

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