The Doctor in Me

Yesterday, I went to see granny in the ICU.

The way I acted. Shameful.

I wore the gown, took my shoes off, and slipped on their cheap rubber slippers.

When I got in, I went straight to her bed, inspected her. GCS 5 with signs of uremia and fluid overload. There were 3 bags of fluid hanging behind her bed.

I checked her VS list, stable.

Checked her cardiac monitor, with occasional irregular rhythms. 99% O2 sat.

Went over the respirator, FiO2 of 32, RR of 24.

Her urine bag was empty. According to the nurse, she’s been anuric for days despite the furosemide. Subsequently, she started blabbering about my granny’s course in the ICU.

I moved over to granny’s right side, held her hand and said

Lola, si James po to.

She’s trying to open her eyes. I knew it was difficult for her. It did open for a sec. Maybe she was just trying to confirm if it was really me. I really don’t knoe.

Then there she goes again, unresponsive.

I was back to the nurse,

What’s her dialysis schedule?


Ion’t think Lola liked the way I acted in her ICU.

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period said...

hi kaibigan...i know she would understand.. im sure she knows you love her

Em Dy said...

Hope your lola gets better soon.

About behaving that way in the ICU, can't be helped but then again we need to merge the science and art of medicine. And that we learn (or lose) in the course of our careers.

ruff said...

icu in ust? pay? i must have handled her if that's the case.

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