Hyvää joulua!!!

I wanna thank Google Translate for giving me a chance to greet you guys in Finnish since all of a sudden I wanted to go to Finland where it’s sparsely populated and Nokia phones are cheap.

I am now in the province but I prefer to call it the suburb. So… I am currently in the suburb, now being a suburbanite, enjoying family gatherings. The atmosphere is again weird-ing me out but then I love the chilly feeling.

And oh the food! I’m gonna die due to non-stop of eating in here; food’s bountiful and everywhere! Gawd, where did they get all these food?!

So there, let’s all enjoy the holidays and…

Merry Christmas Earthlings!


Forgive me for the lame picture, I knoe it’s not my best but then it’s the latest; with my face shining on it’s full glory and my hair in it’s unruliness… I took it just a few minutes before this greeting’s posted.

Hei sitten!

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Jun said...

selamat hari natal! (see if google translate gets it rite ;p)

Em Dy said...

Merry Christmas Dak. Don't worry. Unruly hair is in. Think Robert Pattinson! Ha ha.

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