Materialism is not at all bad. Most of us think that material things are just temporary happiness that mask the real happiness; partly true. But I think that this notion was suggested by those who cannot afford the luxury of material things.

Well, I am not saying I can but let’s just be fair; let those who can live life with it enjoy the luxury of it.

Material things may go evil-ish. In a way, material things may bring good things as well. Let’s put it this way, the internet is a popular earthly material thing (very redundant). It can be used in a lot of different ways like communicating, source of information, recreation and other sorta things; it can be in a good way or in a bad way. But internet per se is not bad. The evil-ish thing about the internet comes with the person who uses the internet; it is dependent of human needs and bodily control.

Materialism is not at all bad, cos we live in a material world; beautiful things can enhance our lives. We cannot completely disregard that.

Materialism makes us want more. It makes us dream bigger. We do not limit ourselves to what we have right now and to what we currently knoe because of materialism. We gain, we transcend, we are promoted to become a better person, we shift to higher state of being, we feel better.

Materialism is not at all bad.

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fjordz said...

I agree! though it must be noted too that materialism is the root of evil things. And yes, I still agree that materialism does not necessarily mean evil.

Em Dy said...

A friend told me that her dad brought them to fancy restaurants while they were growing up so that they'd know what's in store for them if they work hard enough.

Material things are not at all evil if we work hard for them, if we get them by honest means.

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