In surgery, we master the art of anticipating what’s gonna happen next. We learn when is the right time to retract, zap, suction, cut, and also when not to cut.

We must know when to be ready. Especially when to open your heart again.

Let me share this Urbandub song, Reveal the Remedy.

This separation is killing me
You say I should've thought that
Before I did what I have done
So easier to put the blame on you
I should've looked inside of me
But it's all in vain as I try to explain
She pulls away...

We could've been more
Can we ever have these feelings again?
We should've been more
Maybe in time we'll realize that maybe
Fate reveals the remedies
Making it feel like it will be like the first time.

Still the vision on my mind
Cuz now I realize it's
So damn hard to give you up
No way out of this hole
Can we ever have us back again?
Let's not start and put the blame part away
Can you honestly say
You can see me with another one?
Another one, another chance with you
I want more, I want more, I want more.

Regretting it now
Can fate reveal to me?
The questions to why?
Reveal the remedy.

Could've been more
Should've been more
Maybe in time we'll realize that maybe
That fate reveals the remedies
Making it feel like it will be like the first time
Just like the first time.

Point of Sentientness

A ceramic cup. Empty. Stained. Minimally chipped. With a crack that runs vertically from mouth to bottom. Ignored.

cup of coffee

Nao Rinsed. Ready to be filled with another round of coffee. Freshly brewed. Hot. Bitter. Aromatic.

Cream & sugar.

Be my sugar?

D’Feet Breast Cancer

I just had a run tonight and saw several residents and fellows running around the campus.

Is this in preparation for the PINK RUN?! Maybe.

pink run

I am supposed to join this fund raising activity this coming Sunday, however I realized that I will be out of the hospital not until 8AM of the said date of the run. Boohoo.

Breast cancer runs in our family and as a young physician, I would like to extend awareness regarding the disease that kills many women and to some extent even men; to make people realize the burden of this disease may bring to patients and family members; to echo that breast cancer may be prevented and detected early; that we have improving/medical advances regarding treatment of this disease process;  and to help the affected marginalized individuals of this malignancy.

“The Pink Run: D’Feeting Breast Cancer” is an advocacy run organized by the Philippine Society of General Suregons Metro Manila Chapter (PSGS MMC). It will be held at the McKinley Hills grounds, Taguig City on October 17, 2010. This is a running activity aimed to raise funds and awareness against breast cancer. The objective is to gather funding for the treatment of indigent patients suffering from this dreaded disease as well as focus attention on breast cancer during and after the event through free breast clinics, educational campaigns, information drives and lay fora. October is considered to be breast cancer awareness month and as such we have chosen to hold it during that time. The event will offer distances of 3K, 5K, 10K and 15K to choose from.

Race Details:

5:00AM – 1st GUN START
3K 5K 10K 15K
Individual Run Category

Race/Event Host Venue:


Please proceed to our designated outlets to register.

Bonifacio High Street, B1 ROX Building, Taguig City, Philippines.
Tel: +632 8564639

MIZUNO Outlets:
SM Megamall
Eastwood Mall
Festival Mall
SM Mall of Asia

LE DONNE Stores:
SM Megamall
Glorieta 5
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio
WWW Express
793-1777 and press 2

UST Office for Alumni Relations
Ground Floor, Main Building
University of Santo Tomas
España, Manila
Telephone & Fax: (63-2) 406-1611 local 8556

No. 67 Marivelez St. Sta. Mesa Heights Quezon City 1114
Telefax:     413-8083
Landline:   491-5105

For more details, visit their official website by clicking the link:
The Pink Run


Let’s Support The Pink Run D’Feeting Breast Cancer!

Monday Morning

Where did my weekend go?!

The real question is, do I even have a weekend?! Haha.

Monday Morning by Christina Aguilera. Click click!

Can we just forget? Yes, Monday.

I can always find the time to lay out in the sand
Watching as the waves roll by it makes me understand
What it is to make a life that means a little more
Seems so easy to forget what we're all looking for

I don't know where I'm going just yet
Skipping work and I don't need to excuse it
Long as that floating feeling I get in the moment
Makes it really worth it

Hey, forget about your Monday morning
We are never gonna be that boring
Hey, forget about your Monday morning
So, so ordinary same old story
Ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o

I had a party, it went long, I told 'em all to stay
Neighbors calling to complain and rain on our parade
They told me to use my head and keep my focus straight
Shame on all of you for being stiff and so straight laced

Let them keep talking, I don't regret
They can't help it, caught up in their mindset
Long as that floating feeling I get in the moment
Makes it really worth it

Hey, forget about your Monday morning
We are never gonna be that boring
Hey, forget about your Monday morning
So, so ordinary same old story
Ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o

Nani, naki, nana, nani, naki, nana
Nani, naki, nana, nani, naki, nana
Nani, naki, nana, nani, naki, nana

Sweet shot cherry pop
Everybody go to the beat, don't stop
Keep up body rock cardiac arrest
It's a culture shock
Hey, forget about your Monday morning
We are never gonna be that boring
Hey, forget about your Monday morning
So, so ordinary same old story
Ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o, ey, o


I just don’t understand why some people make minor issues such major. They make small and simple things look like a big sh*t. Exaggerating situations to make it more dramatically and convincingly melancholic.

Seriously. Ugh!

White Lung

This is the most recent chest x-ray plate of my patient with massive pleural effusion or fluid accumulation within the  space that surrounds the lungs.

She has difficulty of breathing…

Sorry for the lack of picture clarity and the i-dunno-what-happened-black-stripes, I should definitely switch to BB anytime soon. My point of showing you this picture is that my patient manifested with shortness of breath.


I don’t have the same CXR as hers but this current rotation is giving me the same symptom…

We are underman. We lack interns in the hospital. We are just 3/4 the number of last year’s interns. Yet, workload not modified.

We never complained.

But now it’s getting into my nerves… We are demanded to do extra work especially from the record section! Can’t they hire medical transcriptionists?! Or better yet upgrade their database system?! UST Hospital is so 2K-late! As in seriously!

I just wanna say that we are working our asses off 7x/week and underpaid.

Not really happy.

Internship’s Eating Me Up

My family life, love life, sex life, social life doesn’t exist anymore. FML! The only inevitable thing in our life is DUTY.


Kurant+Sprite c/o East of Saint Louis

When I Met You

by APO Hiking Society…

“I love the touch of your hand
When i look in your eyes i just want
I know I’m on to something good”

Click click click to play…

Pft! FileDen’s currently down. Player won’t work! Argh!

There I was an empty piece of a shell
I smile in my own world without even knowing
What love and life were all about

Then you came, you brought me out of the shell
You gave the world to me and before I knew
There I was so in love with you

You gave me a reason for my being
And I love what I’m feeling
You gave me new meaning to my life
Yes, I’ve gone beyond existing
And it all began
When I met you…

I love the touch of your hand
When i look in your eyes i just know
I know I’m on to something good

And I’m sure my love for you will endure
Your love will light up my world
And take all my cares
Away where they can’t bother me

You taught me how to love
You showed me how tomorrow and today
My love is different from the yesterday i knew
You taught me how to love
And darling I will always cherish you
Today, tomorrow and forever

And I’m sure when evening comes around
I know we’d be making love like never before
My love who could ask for more

The Best Day

How can I forget to make an entry about my graduation?! Duh. To be totally honest? Earthlings… I was just too busy going to parties, revelries, my own party and more parties after graduation day that I lacked time in writing about it, so.

And two weeks prior to internship got me really thinking. I should definitely spend this golden period wisely. First week was mantled to finish all the requirements for internship. And this week’s allotted for me, my family and friends.


Today, I am back in Manila currently at 30’C. Not that bad. It must be the rain from yesterday.

Me, mom & the person on the line

Anyway, I never cried in my previous graduation rites and so I thought, graduating from med school wouldn’t shed me tears as well. But I was wrong. That day made me realize the degree of gratification we gave to our proud parents and the satisfaction we achieved for ourselves; a relief from all the destitutions and deprivations we’ve gone through. Theses ideas in particular made me seriously in a teary-eyes-mode last April 14th. Really…

Me & dad

The selected class speakers made us reminisce all the experiences we went through med school since frosh year but there’s this one particular part of our valedictorian’s message that struck me the most; the part where she narrated our experiences during medical clerkship where we faced the real challenges as physicians dealing with patients and colleagues. TBTH? If college was hard, med school was horrendous.


She also pointed out how this achievement provides great honor not only to ourselves but also to our dearest parents. When I passed the medical technology board exam, I knew my parents were so proud of me that they wanted to throw a party for me. But then I refused. I was too busy way back then and I didn’t see the point of doing so. Apparently, they were a little saddened about my decision. So when they said they’ll give me a post-graduation party, I humbly agreed. I already get their point.

DSC_0187 DSC_0190

Med school is not only hard, it is likewise financially crippling. And I’m very much thankful to my parents for supporting me to this career that I chose. It wasn’t very easy but it became much less difficult for me when my family’s there to back me up. I wanted to become a doctor ever since I was perhaps born. During primary education, my favorite subject was always about science but the topic about the eyes is the least of my favorites. I remember the struggles mom went through when I was a kid to make me stick on my mind which is the sclera and which is the cornea; I used to interchange the two, IKR? Of course I nao very much knoe where the cornea is, plus it’s layers and pathologies. But then again, ophthalmology still doesn’t excite me that much.


So basically all the memories that primed me to become where I am right nao came flashing back on me during the graduation ceremony. Who wouldn’t be maudlin, e?

So there, nao you knoe that I am such a cry baby. Pft! Owell, so after graduation and 2 laconic weeks prior to the start of internship, I’ve been to parties, I was able to catch up with some friends, I had a full body massage c/o my mom’s masseuse, my teeth cleaned by my ever proficient dentist and my toe and fingernails immaculated. Everything’s so invigorating.

My teeth are ready for another year of coffee staining, my body is ready for another year of ward rounds and I am ready for another year of social impairment…

Internship here I come!

*What I haven’t done yet is to hit the beach and become sun-kissed. :P So whoever has a resort out there, I’ll be happy to be invited over… :))

Thank You, See you soon…

Emo mode.

Remembering the days when our crossroads met, I never thought that wishes desired in hills would come true and deviant prayers whispered from my deepest voice will ever be heard. I knew songs were always sad but you made me realize that songs are “songs” and are meant to be joyful and beautiful.

I will never forget the taste of sweet Dayap, the crunchy and brimful Apple Pie, the zesty Lemon Squares, Holden & Sean, the broth you simmered while I pretended being stupid in cooking cos I wanted you to coddle me, our yearnings for relaxation and pampering, our long conversations over a cup of coffee and yes also “the us” committing of not going twice to Kanin Club.

I am gonna cherish the good mornings you mumble and smiles you bring that gives me sunshine as I face toxic days. The way you say “Hello” I am really caught.

I will definitely miss your cute ways of ranting about random things when in fact and in the end you will just show your perfect, honest and beautiful smile and say “I’m ok”, just like nothing happened.

How can I forget the way you can’t look straight into my eyes for more than 5secs, on how you purposely clutch my hand when I drive along EDSA that can make me slow down, your sweet face with minimal grunting as you sleep deeply and calmly, our stolen moments in somewhere only we knoe… where nothing ever seems to matter – just you and me, your kiss, everything!

Gawd. This list will just go on and on and on…

And I’ll be dreaming of Soms, the planned trots, turning-Korean, and Sagada that all never happened. We never really had a chance. Yet.

Career is career. And I fully understand. Our destiny didn't have such an awesome plan. But then who knoes?

I honestly believe in you, you can do it!

Goodluck! God bless you.

Thank you… See you soon…

That Shoes! Whew!

To be totally honest? looking for the right shoes is the hardest kind of shopping. If I were to compare it to Medicine, it’s probably Neurology or Psychiatry. But I love Neurology so as shoe-shopping! :))

Actually, I am not that picky when it comes to shoes as long as it complements the clothes to be worn with it. The problem is, my size. I have small feet!

Today, marks the 3rd day of my shoe-search and eureka! Thanks to Bristol, a Filipino brand made from Marikina City that provides shoes for those with cute feet like mine. Not really, it just so happened that they have my size. Thank goodness! And they have incredible shoes! Yes.

While searching for the right shoes, I was able to find prospect items. Check ‘em out!

BTW, spare my feet from mockery. Aryt? Haha. Or else I’ll cut your face. :P

I already have an almost the same style of black with brown outline but I like this new one with a lace on it. Very comfortable, duty-shoes-material.

TBH? Ion’t have a brown shoes already and I envied my brother when he bought a very cool, brown, almost similar kind Florsheim (Yes, he has all the money he can buy Florsheim, WTF?!). This is very comfortable and awesome to wear for long walks and casual affairs.

This is my new prospect shoes to be used for future hospital duties. It’s very comfortable and it looks very classy.

“THE SHOES” cannot be revealed yet. You have to wait for my Grad pictures instead.

In relation to this post, well I usually don’t do this in here but I want to promote the shoes made from Marikina City. I’ve been a Bristol user ever since college days and they’re very comfortable and durable, last for years. I knoe a lot of you patronize imported brands but I think we have brands here that has better quality.

Let’s support our own shoes, let’s support Marikina shoes!

Can you handle this? The world’s biggest shoes!


Bliss and Sublimity are Understatements

Some of you might have heard that from March 8th, the original date of my oral revalida was moved to March 16th due to tribunal complications. Then one thing led to another, something came up again and I thought my revalida’s gonna be a wreck!

Imagine the adrenaline rush for almost 2 weeks. It felt like riding Cedar Point!’s Millennium Force all the time, 24-7. The wait felt like forever, my heart was pounding like a mad Hulk, the Lub-dubs were audible even without my steth; S1 and S2, and I think I heard S3! oh gosh heart failure!


In our Univ’s oral exams, you pass = you graduate; you fail = you leave behind. It’s a big deal! Who wants to be left behind anyway?

Yes, we bring books as if we can still read all of them while waiting to be called and present our cases. We put them in a luggage like frequent flyers leading to the airport wanting an escape from reality. They contain all the heavy books and even handouts for some sorta reasons. And I tell you, books are heavier than clothes and so travelers have no right to whine about heavy luggage, I’ve carried more than what you guys had.


To be honest? Mine’s just small. I’ve seen bigger trunks brought by my batchmates and I can just imagine how hefty and burdensome those huge bags are to carry. I think they brought all their books since frosh year. I knoe, right?

Well, I can’t blame them cos some of us feel safe when all those books are around us.

Then the wait finally came. With a clinical case of vajayjay pruritus (itchiness) and an emergency case of hemoptysis (coughing out of blood), I survived. I passed. It is over.

All the hardship paid off. Thanks to everyone who trusted and prayed for me. You will receive free consultations in the future! kid. kid. :))

Owell, God is oh-so good. Praise the Lord.


We all survived the 4 years of struggles, endeavors, conflicts, bol-jacks and bol-jacks. But we learned. A lot. And yet we need to improve more. We must continue to learn; from our patients, from our mistakes and from our seniors.


That was a blast! To more bol-jacks ahead! Bring it on!

Happy Graduation Batchmates! We did it!

I knoe you guys are excited to wear those white blazers, ayt?


Special thanks to my brother Raje for his D3000, you are so kind. :o

What Might Have Been

by Lou Pardini.

Click click click!

Somewhere, lost in the wind
I'm watching you
Sunlight touching your hair
And I remember
Somehow, we said that we would never stray
But somehow we lost our way
Promises too often spoken
Are easily broken apart

I'm ready this time
I know that I'm no longer undecided
Don't wanna be
A fool wondering what might have been

Trace of forever lingering
Drawing me closer to you
A new beginning
Now I know
There is no doubt I understand
Just how fragile love can be
I can't forget
Your mem'ry found me
Now I know where I belong

I'm ready this time
I know that I'm no longer undecided
Don't wanna be a fool wondering
What might have been
Through every day, into the night
With only love to guide us
I'm ready to go, coz I've got to know
What might have been

Let the lovin' decide, I can't run, I can't hide
I want you to know
My heart will show that I'm ready this time
I know that I'm no longer undecided
Don't wanna be, a fool wondering what might have been
I've searched everywhere, and nothing compares
When we've got love to guide us
I'm ready to go, coz I wanna know what might have been
I'm wondering what might have been
We're gonna find what might have been
Oh I wanna know what might have been

Final Ticket to Graduation


Sustained Nerdy Mode…

Caffeine Fix! Until overdosage…

Sleep in unexpected places…

Til craziness corrupts us…

But we are sane… Thank God!


March 8!

my Doomsday…

IM looks good on me

Yes, Internal Medicine looks good on me. Even if asteroid-like zits would erupt over my cheeks and forehead, dark circles would surround my eyes, and haircut deprivation syndrome would occur after each and every duty… I love IM.

They say, you will knoe “it” once you get there. So true.

OB-Gyne and Dermatology are fun but it’s more of a female-ly type of specializations. Although I knoe a number of male consultants under these specs, skin lesions and labor-ing are not really my thing. And I heard that guys applying for a residency training should really be very very good to be accepted. And also, who would want a male OB-Gyne?! Hello?

Surgery is likewise fun, and is forever a fad; but I think it’s kinda overrated… and I honestly am not a big fan, really. Cos the fun stops after a week. Yes. The fun ends in a week. I was excited and giddy when I first got in to the OR wearing my still firm-ish scrubs. But like I said, the fun ends in a week; realized the OR is a bore after all…

I love kids. But ion’t like sick children. It makes me sad especially those under chronic diseases such as malignancy and connective tissue diseases. And I can’t tolerate loud screeches and wails. Pediatrics has long been crossed on my list.

Pathology is my first love. I think everyone who took medical technology as their pre-medical course share the same sentiment. I love how they get the final diagnosis even if at times it can never benefit the patient anymore. Although pathologists don’t have patient interaction, almost all the pathologists I’ve met are really really good.

Radiologic Oncology got me thinking… Oncology’s been one of the IM subspecs I’m targeting into. When I rotated in Rad-Onco, I realized that there is actually life aside from being a doctor. Residents in Rad-Onco don’t have overnight duties, holiday duties and weekend duties. Awesome, right? It’s like an office job or some sorta like that. But come to think about it? That doesn’t sound so right, right? When we entered this profession, we committed ourselves into serving people whole heartedly. Our time is not ours anymore, it becomes our patients’ time. We serve them 24-7, we check on them round the clock. I’m not saying that Rad-Oncos doesn’t give their time much to their patients cos in fact their schedule just makes sense. But what I’m trying to say is that I love the traditional physician’s schedule. The usual on-call, on-duty, overtime, bam! IDK, it’s just me, maybe? And according to my friends, Rad-Onco doesn’t fit me much, a lot of them prefer IM for me. And I’m effin pressured. ROFL.

Yeah still, IM looks good on me. And I love IM. It’s something mutual I think. The spec is sexy… I think. It makes me analyze situations extensively. It doesn’t bore me. I get excited during the long ward rounds. And I love to converse with patients cum relatives. I desire the individualized treatment we give to patients. Unlike in surgery, for example patients with appendicitis will definitely all undergo appendectomy. But in IM, one disease entity will or may have different treatment modalities or plans for each and every patient; Patient A with diabetes will be treated differently from Patient B who happens to be diabetic as well.

As of nao, IM is where I am most comfortable at. But who knoes? It might change sooner or later, right? I still love the rush, the intensity and toxicity of IM but remember I am also a practical person. So who knoes?

IM looks good on me… But will it look good on me forever?

Dahil Kay

by the Neruda Band. This is one of my favorite songs in their Insignias and Enigmas album which was released in 2007.


Click, click, click to play…

Nagkita tayong muli kaibigan
Batid sa iyong mga mata
Na parang ang ala-ala ng kahapon lamang
O anong saya
Tila walang kaba
O bakit ba
Parang malayo and tingin
Bat hindi sabihin sa akin.

Pasensya na
Hindi ko kaagad napunang nagiisa
Pasensya na
Hindi ko kaagad napunang nagiisa.

Sinabi ko nuon sa aking kaibigan
At nakita ko sa iyong mata
Na parang ‘di na matapos ang kaligayahan
O anong sumpa
Akala’y walang hanggan at kailan ma’y
’Di na lalayo ang tingin
At ngayo’y sabihin sa akin.

Pasensya na
Hindi ko kagad napunang nagiisa
Pasensya na
Hindi ko kagad napunang nagiisa

Nasaan ang anino mo?
Paano mo haharapin ang bukas?
Kaibigan ko
Sa mundong dating hilo umiikot sa palad mo.

Kaibigan ko
Kung ang iyong mundo ay tatsulok saan ka pa tutungo?
Kung ano ang sasabihin, sa halip ay siyang gawin
Lumingon, tumalikod, huwag lang sa salamin
Ito’y harapin…

Hanggang sa huli…

Twenty Ten Planner

If you happen to be reading my blog ever since its advent, you likely knoe that I religiously claim the Starbucks yearly planner since it first came out several years back cos I have shared them all in here.

TBH? This was supposed to be an earlier post (I knoe, right?) however, since I lack time I procrastinate a looot… owell let me put it this way, oral revalida is already an inch close to my sleeve so as much as possible I give most of my golden time into re-reading what I’m supposed to be reading in preparation to this “event”…so I barely open my lappie cos it sucks time bigtime.

The cover or box.


There.. I love the color and texture, grayscaled and rough like sandpaper. Cover is available in 3 variants.

Every page makes you write more.

Freebies? Yes. They’re back.

Hand and ring not included. I love how the dates are arranged in each and every pages. More spacious.


BTW, Orange Mocha Frappucino is now available!


A friend of mine went back to Davao to celebrate the new year with her family. I told her not to come back without my “Suha” AKA Pomelo or else imana break her bones into pieces. LOL. Of course I will not that do that, I am not that brutal. Well, it’s one of my favorite fruits but I only eat pomelos that came all the way from Davao cos they’re easy to eat. I think you knoe the reason why I said that; Yes they’re very easy to eat despite the thick rind.


After 10 minutes… (Check the wall clock)


Actually, I can do better than 10 minutes. Maybe 5? Owell… Let me do it again next time. Tee-hee!

2009 Recap

2009 has been my entry point to the real world of doctors; Gone are the days of everyday exams. But going through medical clerkship is like chewing on pearls. Hard, may even chip your teeth off but precious.

As they say, we’re the lowest life forms in the hierarchy of doctors. Some, don’t even consider us as doctors, yet. Well it’s relatively true, but I believe that in the 4 years of medical education, we gained sufficient knowledge to treat and take good care of patients even in our slightest and most simple ways. Right? Right.

It’s hard to be a medical clerk. --- ?? Erm… ??? ---- Right. True.

So true, I recall that there were even points in time when I felt like already giving up and that my body wanted to quit on its own; especially in those occasions where I experience sleepless nights of trying to survive or revive patients; of continuous ambubagging, of non-stop hospital errands, episodes of successive code blues and subsequent resuscitations. But those were JUST mere feelings of quitting. It never occurred to me to really quit, leave the hospital and never go back. It never happened cos I was lucky enough to work with the nicest people on earth who believe in me; those who motivated me, encouraged me to be stronger, to persevere harder and to never give up cos giving up doesn’t make it a lot easier either. It doesn’t prove anything greater nor escape me from perceived dilemmas. Cos I am but a doctor.

I also remember how old friends would complain about how hard I became to invite into gatherings, even during the weekends. Our usual free weekends turned into 24-hour hospital duties, and some even up to 36. My life became a boring Cori Cycle (Muscle-Liver-Muscle); Apartment-Hospital-Apartment Cycle. Socialization became an entirely foreign event for me. As I pass by the streets of T. Morato and Timog and visit places like Eastwood or Greenbelt or anywhere else where people would just hang out and do nothing very intelligible, it would always feel so surreal and new. I stopped watching TV, then I never watched TV again (not until today, i think…). I can’t relate to stories of popular TV ads and shows. Thanks to the internet (woo-hoo!) I can somehow update myself from what’s happening around the world.

Did you knoe that the hospital is a place of emotional salad? There has been a lot of emotional fluctuations that had happened not only to patients but also to us. Think about Grey’s Anatomy, minus the hook-ups e? There were times when we would be happy, sad and mad all at the same time! I knoe, right? Call us crazy but it happens. There were UP-moments like receiving gifts of appreciation from very cool patients and relatives and seeing them go out of the hospital stable and improved. Also, the happiness we gain after an enjoyable ward round with our awesome residents, fellows and even consultants. DOWN-moments as we encounter deaths, permanence of disabilities and just mere palliation to cancer patients. Sometimes worse things happen like being yelled by our not-so-impressive residents during rounds and in front of our patients. Let me add the SIDEWAYS if you knoe what I mean; the misunderstandings with co-clerks and the harder to deal with… the bitchy patients and relatives who would always complain and well, complain and complain. Need I say more? Complain. Urgh!

This year, I witnessed awesomeness of life in general, and I also acted accordingly as a doctor which for me, is very much considered as a medical breakthrough; I watched lives come out and caught babies out from the vajayjay, I assisted to various types of cesarean section, sutured surgical wounds, bore holes into a patient’s skull, held a scalpel and cut off one’s appendix, inserted a Trocar in a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, amputated a rotting leg, zapped a bleeder with a cautery, assisted in microsurgeries, saw an entire length of a patient’s colon, do proper CPRs, encountered rare cases, wore an N95 mask for an entire 30 hours, handled a big group of TB-patients and yellow-people (Leptospirosis outbreak).

Even removal of ingrown toenails still amazes me up until now.

I became an expert on alooot of things; IV insertion, catheter insertion, NGT insertion, arterial blood extraction, ET suctioning, and more.

Medical clerkship can either be a good experience or a nightmare but it is my most eventful part of this year. It’s not yet over but I can now say, this is it, this is the start of my life.

Like I said, medical clerkship is like chewing on pearls; hard, may even chip your teeth off but precious. It taught me how to handle toxicities, multitasking, medical and work ethics, to work under pressure, to be more compassionate, to be more committed, and to become a more competent physician.

So there… That was my 2009. How about yours?


I want to thank God for the slaps and for the blessings, I praise You; to my loving family who’s been very supportive – never failed me; to my witty-spontaneous-and-cool medical friends; to my gorgeous non-medical friends; to all who became my hard-working duty-mates; to all the doctors who taught me and enhanced my knowledge about the art that we knoe, who trusted in me and inspired me in so many ways; to my patients for giving me the chance to learn. Thanks! Really.

And I also want to say sorry for all the inconveniences I made. Those were truly unintentional.

2009 was a tough year! But I say cheers! Thank God! I had fun. It was a blast!

Let’s make 2010 (say twenty-ten) tougher, e? Yay!

Happy New Year Earthlings!


Let’s cross our fingers for our upcoming Oral Revalida! Wish us all luck!