IM looks good on me

Yes, Internal Medicine looks good on me. Even if asteroid-like zits would erupt over my cheeks and forehead, dark circles would surround my eyes, and haircut deprivation syndrome would occur after each and every duty… I love IM.

They say, you will knoe “it” once you get there. So true.

OB-Gyne and Dermatology are fun but it’s more of a female-ly type of specializations. Although I knoe a number of male consultants under these specs, skin lesions and labor-ing are not really my thing. And I heard that guys applying for a residency training should really be very very good to be accepted. And also, who would want a male OB-Gyne?! Hello?

Surgery is likewise fun, and is forever a fad; but I think it’s kinda overrated… and I honestly am not a big fan, really. Cos the fun stops after a week. Yes. The fun ends in a week. I was excited and giddy when I first got in to the OR wearing my still firm-ish scrubs. But like I said, the fun ends in a week; realized the OR is a bore after all…

I love kids. But ion’t like sick children. It makes me sad especially those under chronic diseases such as malignancy and connective tissue diseases. And I can’t tolerate loud screeches and wails. Pediatrics has long been crossed on my list.

Pathology is my first love. I think everyone who took medical technology as their pre-medical course share the same sentiment. I love how they get the final diagnosis even if at times it can never benefit the patient anymore. Although pathologists don’t have patient interaction, almost all the pathologists I’ve met are really really good.

Radiologic Oncology got me thinking… Oncology’s been one of the IM subspecs I’m targeting into. When I rotated in Rad-Onco, I realized that there is actually life aside from being a doctor. Residents in Rad-Onco don’t have overnight duties, holiday duties and weekend duties. Awesome, right? It’s like an office job or some sorta like that. But come to think about it? That doesn’t sound so right, right? When we entered this profession, we committed ourselves into serving people whole heartedly. Our time is not ours anymore, it becomes our patients’ time. We serve them 24-7, we check on them round the clock. I’m not saying that Rad-Oncos doesn’t give their time much to their patients cos in fact their schedule just makes sense. But what I’m trying to say is that I love the traditional physician’s schedule. The usual on-call, on-duty, overtime, bam! IDK, it’s just me, maybe? And according to my friends, Rad-Onco doesn’t fit me much, a lot of them prefer IM for me. And I’m effin pressured. ROFL.

Yeah still, IM looks good on me. And I love IM. It’s something mutual I think. The spec is sexy… I think. It makes me analyze situations extensively. It doesn’t bore me. I get excited during the long ward rounds. And I love to converse with patients cum relatives. I desire the individualized treatment we give to patients. Unlike in surgery, for example patients with appendicitis will definitely all undergo appendectomy. But in IM, one disease entity will or may have different treatment modalities or plans for each and every patient; Patient A with diabetes will be treated differently from Patient B who happens to be diabetic as well.

As of nao, IM is where I am most comfortable at. But who knoes? It might change sooner or later, right? I still love the rush, the intensity and toxicity of IM but remember I am also a practical person. So who knoes?

IM looks good on me… But will it look good on me forever?

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Chyng said...

surely it will. goodluck to you.

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